The Benefits of a Tour Manager

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Concert Tour Co-ordinator, Sara Marquis, has just returned from a week in Andorra having accompanied one of our February Half Term groups on their ski trip. Here’s her tick-list of the benefits of a Tour Manager…

• Tour managers can sort any issues with suppliers in resort. I often spoke with the coach drivers to arrange last minute run outs for the group and handled payments for après activities.

  • Your Tour Manager will be familiar with the itinerary so can keep everyone in the loop and answer questions from PL, coach drivers and students alike. Sometimes with a large school group, all you really need is as many people on hand to help as possible.
  • I became an unofficial personal photographer – on several occasions I offered to take group photos so that no one would be missed out. I also took photos and videos for the group at après activities so that the teachers could join in.
  • We’ll give you support in tricky situations, such as injuries. Moral and physical support are both appreciated! The teachers were glad to know that I was on hand if anything went wrong, and were very grateful for my help with the doctors and hospital visits.
  • Language skills – sometimes all you want is a cup of tea, but you don’t know how to order it in German. That’s where I came in! (Unfortunately I don’t speak Italian but I knew that I could get an Italian speaker on the phone if needed).
  • We will give you local knowledge – I was able to go out and find all the places in the itinerary, as well as some extra places like a supermarket, so that the teachers didn’t have to worry about logistics (or map reading!).