Efsti-dalur II Ice Cream Farm and Fridheimar Tomato Greenhouse

Last updated: Jun 5th, 2024

Efsti-dalur II Ice Cream Farm and Fridheimar Tomato Greenhouse

While it’s tricky to choose a favourite itinerary stop, the culinary excursions are certainly not to be missed!

On our first day, we popped into the ice cream barn at family-run farm Efsti-dalur II on our tour of the Golden Circle.

Animal lovers can visit the horses and cattle bred here (and the family dog!), before sampling Snæbjörn and Björg’s ice cream, which is home-made – even including the cones. With ice cream scoops the size of my head, it is easy to understand the farm’s popularity with our groups. My personal recommendation is the delicious coconut cream!

Near Selfoss, we also had the pleasure of a tour around the Friðheimar tomato greenhouses by the owners’ daughter, Dóróthea. She explained to us how the greenhouses use geothermal heat to create Mediterraneanesque conditions that are perfect for the tomato plants all year round – even through Icelandic winters! Having surveyed the dazzling selection of tomato-based foods produced at Friðheimar (including tomato cheesecake!), we were treated to a tasty tomato soup buffet with freshly baked bread for dunking.

As well as providing a much-appreciated comfort stop on an itinerary otherwise packed with outdoor excursions, Efsti-dalur II Ice Cream Farm and the Friðheimar tomato greenhouses are great educational visits for students thinking about sustainability and 0 miles food, and deserve a place on your itinerary!