The most inspiring venues for your next Choir Tour – whatever your sound and style

Last updated: May 2nd, 2023

Whilst world-renowned cathedrals and sacred churches are the perfect venue choice for some choirs, for others, more relaxed venues are a better match. Whatever your sound and style, our concert tour experts will work with you to give your next performance a breathtaking backdrop. Take your pick from bustling market squares, charming churches, scenic promenades or picturesque parks!

“Whatever your sound and style, we can find something that inspires you to take that musical leap onto the international stage.”

Eleanor Harvey, Concert Tours Operations Manager

Inspiring venues to match your repertoire

Each and every choir is unique with their individual requirements, wishes and aspirations. For sacred choirs, a magnificent Gothic cathedral may be the perfect choice, while a choir performing popular music may picture themselves in a charming market square.

Outdoor venues open up a world of performance possibilities, giving you the freedom and flexibility to sing your desired repertoire. Town squares, city gardens and seafront promenades all provide a memorable setting for your concert, as well as the opportunity to bring an appreciative passive audience.

If you’re more tempted by an indoor concert, Dutch churches have a similar ethos to the UK, welcoming a varied repertoire and popular music.

Take a look at just some of our venues, perfect for choirs performing popular music:

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