World Choral Day – the importance of music

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Since 1990 choirs across the world have been celebrating World Choral Day on or around 2nd Sunday in December. This occasion is a chance for choirs to share the values of solidarity, peace and understanding.

To mark World Choral Day, our Concert Team members tell us about their experiences as choir members and what being part of a choir means to them.






  • How long have you been singing?

    Sara: I’ve been singing on and off since I was young, but it wasn’t until I started working at Rayburn Tours and became surrounded by singers and musicians each day that I made the leap and joined a choir.

  • What do you enjoy most about being in a choir?

    Elle: For me, it’s all about the singing. I just love singing as it’s a real ‘feel-good’ experience that gets the endorphins going. It’s also a wonderful experience to hear your choir improving and being a part of contributing towards that.

  • What is your favourite genre of music?

    Elle: I have an eclectic taste in music to be honest. In my uni days, Gilbert and Sullivan operettas were what I particularly enjoyed performing, but nowadays I like more modern musical theatres. I also really enjoy listening to rock music and Muse are my favourite band.

  • Where is the best place you have performed?

    Jo: The best place I’ve performed was La Madeline in Paris. It was on a tour which was actually arranged by Rayburn Tours. It’s a stunning venue to perform in, with its monumental staircase offering one of the city’s most quintessential Parisian panoramas.

  • Where would you most like to perform?

    Lidija: As a Tour Co-ordinator, I’ve helped to arrange for groups to perform in so many fantastic venues. If I could chose anywhere, I would simply love to perform at the iconic Empire State Building in New York. It would be amazing to perform up on the 80th floor, with breath-taking views of the city. That would be an experience I would never forget!

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