Madesimo Through the Eyes of Tarporley High School

Last updated: Jun 5th, 2024

Last week I was lucky enough to spend a week with the students and staff of Tarporley High School as I accompanied them on their ski trip to Madesimo. Having been to Madesimo in December, I thought it would be good to see what their thoughts were on the resort and the trip as a whole.

Here are the questions I asked and a selection of replies…

1. How much skiing had you done before this week?
2. What did you think of Madesimo?
3. What was your favourite meal?
4. Which apres activity did you enjoy the most?
5. What was the highlight of your week?
6. What was your biggest accomplishment during the trip?
7. Do you think you will go on future school ski trips?

Miss Shaw, Teacher
1. Two weeks in Italy on two previous school trips and ten hours of practice on dry ski slopes in the UK.
2. Great! Really impressed with the slopes and the size of the beginner slope was particularly good in comparison to other resorts I have visited in the past. This was great for our school as we had a lot of beginner skiers.
3. Trying the different pizzas at the pizzeria.
4. It was great to see all the students (and some staff) up dancing at the disco night.
5. Skiing from some of the higher points in the resort where the views were absolutely stunning.
6. Tackling one of the steeper red runs on day 4 and even though it was very scay, I managed it twice. I was also pleased that I could keep up with the intermediate group and the off-piste skiing through the forest was great fun.
7. Absolutely (well as long as I get asked!)

Toby, Year 7
1. I’d only had 2 dry ski slope lessons before this week.
2. The free time in the town was really enjoyable but I particularly loved the skiing, as the instructors were very nice and helped me make lots of improvements.
3. Pizza night was definitely my favourite meal.
4. I couldn’t decide between the cinema night and the disco, they were both great.
5. Skiing on the last two days where I felt much more confident, which meant I could go faster down the slopes and feel the wind rushing through me.
6. Learning to ski in general but I was really happy that I learnt to parallel turn.
7. Yes, I hope so.

Millie, Year 8
1. I hadn’t done any skiing before this week.
2. It was really nice and I wanted to stay for longer. I liked the fact that it was a small, quiet town surrounded by beautiful views of the mountains.
3. I loved the different pizzas at the pizzeria
4. The pizza night was my favourite activity as I enjoyed trying all the different types of pizza.
5. Going up to the top of the mountain where the views were incredible and then going down a red slope.
6. I managed to get over my fear of heights by travelling up in the ski lifts.
7. Yes I’d love to go on the next ski trip and hopefully I can.

Joel, Year 10
1. I went to Bormio with school for a week and I’d also done some dry slope skiing in the UK as well.
2. Really good as it was nice and quiet and the instructors were well sound. The snow conditions were excellent and the slopes weren’t crowded at all, so we got lots of things done.
3. Pizza!
4. I liked the disco night, it was really good fun.
5. I just loved the disco, so much so that I lost my voice from singing so much.
6. Getting through the whole week without any big falls or injuries.
7. Yes and my little sister is going to be able to come too so my Mum says I have to look after her!


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