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Christmas isn’t cancelled, so let’s celebrate 2020 style!

Last updated: Nov 24th, 2020

Ok, so the usual staffroom Christmas party, drinks at the local pub, meal at the city’s best restaurant or a late night visit to the kebab shop may not be on the cards this year, but Christmas celebrations aren’t cancelled! There’s no doubt about it, teachers have worked harder than ever through a year that’s been stressful, changeable and totally unpredictable and for that reason alone, you deserve to celebrate. So that got us thinking, how can you celebrate Christmas 2020 safely as a team?

Social distancing and bubbling has made it impossible for school staff to come together to celebrate face-to-face, but with the rise of platforms like Zoom and Teams you can still have an amazing get together, you just need to think ‘outside the box’!

We know time is precious, so we’ve compiled a list of great options for you to consider with your fellow teachers and school staff. Christmas parties aren’t cancelled…they’re just going to look a little different this year. So, put the heating on, pop on your slippers with that fancy Christmas outfit or cheesy Christmas jumper, and raise a glass to one of the maddest years on record!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Christmas party ideas:


Host a ‘Virtual Wine or Beer Tasting’ evening

There are plenty of companies that will supply each of you with everything you need to do a wine or beer tasting evening. Log on to Teams or Zoom and talk all things wine, beer and Christmas cheer! If you need someone to keep your rowdy bunch in order then you can even find companies that provide a sommelier or similar to keep you on-track.


Christmas Food Platters

Find a local company to deliver Christmas dinners, cheese hampers, antipasti platters or afternoon tea platters direct to your door, then jump online and create a virtual dinner party atmosphere. No need for a taxi home, you can simply dive on the sofa to relax as soon as the party is done!


Virtual Cocktail Making Class

Cosmopolitan? Mojito? Martini? You can now find companies who will deliver everything you need to shake, shake, shake your way to a great cocktail in the comfort of your own home. You could even have a creative cocktail making competition – a Quarantini anyone? Don’t have much budget, no problem, just challenge everyone to create their own cocktail from the drinks they have at home!


Virtual Escape Room or Murder Mystery

These work perfectly for slightly smaller groups, so perhaps an evening with your faculty colleagues or a select group of teacher friends! There are numerous companies who have taken their ever-popular escape rooms online, meaning you can work your way through a series of challenging tasks to unlock the virtual escape room. If that sounds like too much pressure, then why not opt for an online murder mystery…fancy dress not compulsory, but highly encouraged!


Virtual Horse Racing

Ok, so it might not quite be a day at the races, but why not think about hosting a virtual horse racing event. How do you pick your horse? Who will be the big winners? Sorry, there’s no real bookies but it’s all good fun anyway, and maybe you could organise a prize for the biggest winner of the night. If you’ve got a party budget then you can find companies that do this for you, but if not, head to YouTube and find a series of races from way back when and hope that you don’t have any racing experts in your group!


Christmas Quiz

The story of 2020 for many of us, so if you’re sick of the usual quiz then why not try ‘fastest finger first’ using the app Kahoot, interactive rounds or even incorporate a scavenger hunt. The quiz world is your oyster, you just have to get creative! If all else fails, there are plenty of websites with ready-made quizzes for your chosen host to use.

Hopefully we’ve given you some food (and drink!) for thought! It’s been a tough year for everyone so whatever you choose to do, get together and celebrate Christmas and the end of the year…2020 Style!



Merry Christmas from us all at Rayburn Tours!