Staying Safe On The Slopes

Last updated: Sep 13th, 2021

When you’re travelling with a large group of students on a School Ski Trip it’s always good to remind them (or introduce them, if they’ve never skied before) to the simple ways they can keep themselves and their friends safe on the slopes. Leave it with us to get you into lessons with great ski instructors, but what else can they do to keep themselves safe on the slopes? 

Don’t rush your ski and boot fit! 

We know that when students arrive at ski fit, they really are desperate to get straight out onto the slopes. 

There’s a real temptation from many to say “yes these fit!” to the first pair of boots and ski’s they are offered. This often ends in a later return to ski fit to quickly change, due to the dreaded rubbing of boots. Your feet and their comfort are vital if you are to ski confidently down the slopes. Look after them and trust they will look after you! 

Wear the right clothing 

Yes ski apparel is there to keep you warm and dry but it also provides an extra layer of protection! When returning from a day’s skiing be sure to hang them in place where they’ll be dry for yet another round of activity the next day on the slopes.  

Be mindful of space 

Be mindful of space between you and others skiing around you! There’s nothing worse than feeling the pressure of a fellow skier coming up behind you! Remember the person in front of you has the right of way! Only overtake if you’re able to leave plenty of space, so as not to rock their balance. 

Climbing up or down on foot 

For those of us who have skied before we’ve all been there! Best advice to any student is to quickly remove your ski’s, hold them tightly and quickly move to the side of the slope so that you don’t get in the way and you’re also less of a hazard to skiers passing by! 

If you’re unfortunate enough to collide with a fellow skier 

If you’re hurt it goes without saying that you should alert those around you or your ski instructor to help. Due to the nature of skiing small accidents sometimes can’t be helped and thankfully most of the time it results in a spattering of bruising and a good dose of hurt pride. The medical assistance and qualifications of staff at ski resorts is usually enough to get you back on your feet and on your way… 


So with all those gentle reminders dished out – it’s time to grab your boots, clamp your ski’s – it’s time to ski! 


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