Why children thrive on residentials

Last updated: Sep 17th, 2021

The benefits for students taking part in a school residential are immense. Couple that with them being away with their team mates and you will see them thrive in a multitude of ways.

The Isle of Wight Football Tournament combined with the Kingswood Activity Centre stay is an excellent example of a school trip experience that helps children flourish.

Cementing the team’s ethos; giving them independence away from Mum and Dad; building resilience; improving pupil / teacher relationships and creating lifelong memories are just the start of a very long list. It’s an experience that is built on the basis of allowing them to succeed on every level.

Having witnessed schools closing and re-opening and children coming in and out of self-isolation, never before has it been more important to plan these adventures for our young people. Planning residential trips in schools has yet again begun (and demand is high), so it feels good to remind ourselves of the importance of these benefits.

After tough times – they deserve to thrive!

Building resilience

Resilience. Travel has long been a tonic for pepping up our resilience levels. Following a year where these possibilities have been restricted to such an extent, these opportunities are more important than ever before!

(Re) Building Confidence

There’s no doubt that travelling and staying away with school, accompanied by teachers and friends, will provide students with the much needed confidence boost they need.

Overcoming fears

When taking part in adventurous activities, students quickly have to overcome their fears and with this comes an immense sense of achievement.


When you are part of a team, every individual plays their role. With the encouragement of peers, each child has the opportunity to develop!

Together let’s start planning.  They deserve it.

 Start planning…