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Essential and not so essential gear for the slopes in 2022

Feb 03, 2022

Essential and not so essential gear for the slopes in 2022


Skiing has been around for thousands of years (yes, really), but clothing and equipment have evolved drastically over recent years. So we’ve got together the essentials and nice to haves, with links to retails to suit all budgets.

Whether or not you are just trying to stay warm, upright or turn heads, we’ve got you covered.



We will not talk too much about skis, snowboards, boots, poles, and helmets because the base equipment will be provided in the resort if you’re touring with Rayburn. So tick them off your list and forget about them.

Instead, let’s talk about accessories, clothing, layers, and staying warm and protected.


Base Layers

The stuff you wear under your jacket and pants. We recommend you avoid cotton as it’s not very breathable nor waterproof. Instead, we recommend synthetic or wool would be best as it will keep you warm and dry.



Depending on the temperatures, another layer between the base and your jacket or pants will help trap some air and keep you warmer if it’s getting too cold. Another fleece, sweater, or similar over your base layer will do the trick.


Top tip: It’s always best to layer up to add/remove layers to match the temperature.


Ski Jackets & Pants

Good ski jackets and pants are something you should NOT skimp on. The weather on the slopes can change quickly, so having well-insulated, waterproof, and windproof gear is essential. Your day can be quickly ruined by getting wet or cold.

You could also go down the ‘shell’ jacket route. These jackets come without much padding but have great wind and waterproofing, giving you a choice to change layers depending on the temperatures.


Socks & Gloves

Another example of something NOT to skimp on. Keep your fingers and toes warm, insulated, and protected. A great pair of gloves or mittens (we recommend Gore-tex) that are made of waterproof and breathable material – have you noticed a running theme here?

A pair of knee-length seamless ‘loop stitch’ socks to avoid blistering. A few pairs of good socks should be enough on any trip. However, you should avoid wearing multiple pairs as it increases the chances of blistering, which can really put you off wearing those ski boots for the rest of the trip.


Eye Protection

It’s essential to be wearing eye protection at all times on piste. Depending on your budget, this could be specialised ski goggles or durable sunglasses (preferably snug fit/wrap around) with 100% UVA/UVB protection. However, we recommend some proper goggles from a reputable source as these often fit best with helmets.



Cover that last bit of skin at the mercy of the cold. An overhead snood or scarf is excellent if it gets too cold.


Walking/Hiking Boots

For getting around the resort when not skiing. A pair of warm, waterproof walking/hiking boots with a sturdy sole and good tread.


Sun Cream & Lip Balm

Due to the altitudes and the sun, particularly in the late season, you can quite easily get burned if you’re not careful, so a high SPF sunscreen for your face is recommended. Also, with the colder temperatures and wind chill as you’re cruising down the slopes, your lips will suffer. So a good moisturising lip balm with UV protection wouldn’t go amiss either.


Nice to have

These are some nice to haves or luxury items you could bring along on the ski trip. Of course, you will not necessarily need these items, but they could be helpful, comfortable, or just fun.


Travel/Neck Pillow

By plane, train, or automobile. Whenever you are travelling, it’s handy to have a neck or travelling pillow to get some much-needed rest before a busy day on the slopes.


GoPro/Action Camera

Record all the action on something like a GoPro, which can be mounted to helmets, chest rigs or held by hand on something like a selfie stick.



You can attach a handy little clip to helmets, goggles, jackets, or whatever you need to hang and store them conveniently when not in use.


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