Things you may not know, but need to know about a sports tour!

Last updated: Nov 2nd, 2022


Gemma Davis, Sales Manager in Ski & Sports

Don’t set your heart on a tour destination before talking to us!

Our sports tours team are hugely experienced and have years of experience of working for us, creating unbelievable sports tours for our groups! Trust they’ll use their extensive knowledge and experience to recommend a destination that works perfectly, based on your sport, team, their ability, and key tour  objectives.

Coach journeys can be long, but they have their benefits!

Don’t be put off by long coach journeys. They’re definitely more cost effective, especially if you’re able to a fill a coach! We recommend bringing along more helpers and supporters to help you get your numbers up. Your kit stays with you, you keep everyone safely together for your journey (particularly relevant for youth groups), and you have buckets of time to bond, plan and to get to know each other more!

We know many competitors do, but we’ll never plan your fixtures against teams from the UK

This is something we feel extremely passionate about. We know and stand by the fact that most of the benefits that are reaped when travelling on an international sports tour come with playing local international teams, playing on their pitches and experiencing the quirks of their approach to game play. It’s a two-way learning curve, with teams from differing countries both teaching each other something new!

We’ll plan your fixtures carefully, matching you with teams of a similar ability

Rayburn Sports Tours has an extensive international fixtures database that has been developed over many years of operating sports tours. We’ve nurtured relationships with regional clubs and local teams throughout Europe and further afield. We’ll take from you the detail of your teams playing ability and working with our partners we’ll be focussed on planning fixtures that your team will thrive upon and love! Game on!

A tour provides an opportunity for much more than just your 1st team to travel

Make your tour more inclusive by bringing different teams together to travel. A multi-sports tour opens the opportunity for a greater number of students to travel and get involved, with the added benefit of potentially keeping the costs down. It also gives students who might not be part of the first team a chance to shine. The camaraderie we have witnessed across teams, over the years where teachers have adopted this approach is really quite something else to see.

Pro coaching…It’s a chance for your team to train like a pro!

Let your team train like the professionals at some of the best sports facilities in the world. Our professional coaching packages will take you behind the scenes of some of the world’s leading clubs, with top facilities, impressive set ups and training sessions. It opens their eyes to a whole new world. It engages students on the bigger picture in sport!

A tour engages students in sport on a whole new level…

Being away from Mum and Dad, travelling internationally with friends, discovering their independence, and experiencing new cultures, with a shared focus of playing sport and playing friendly fixtures, undoubtedly engages and invigorates a young person’s passion for sport.

Feeling inspired?

Motivated to start planning? Just call us and one of experienced Sports Tours team will be on hand to guide you every step of the way. We’re passionate about sport, and we’re passionate about touring!

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