Responsibly Rayburn and Our Sustainable Journey

Last updated: Nov 1st, 2023

We love the positive impact our school trips have. But, travelling can be a big issue when trying to protect the environment. So, this is our open letter on what we’ve done, doing and going to do. We are Responsibly Rayburn and this is our sustainable journey.

We’ve organised tours for over 55 years and are thrilled to see the amazing benefits our trips bring.

But, we also understand planet Earth needs our care. And whilst some essential travel aspects aren’t helpful in reducing our footprint, we’ve found a few ways we can help in other areas.

So, read on to find out about Responsibly Rayburn and our sustainable journey.

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Understanding Our Carbon Footprint

Our tours build on school curriculum as well as providing social, collective, and personal development for your students too! Which is why, we’ve been organising smooth and exciting school trips for the past five decades.

But we know we can bring more to your trip by understanding our carbon footprint. And knowing the amount of CO2 we release helps us balance or reduce activities unfriendly to our planet.

Also, we’re honest about our position and we know we won’t have all the answers. But for the answers we do have, we aim to make our and your journey greener.

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Our Positive Impact so Far

However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t already taking steps to manage our emissions. Our headquarters is moving towards a carbon-balanced setting, with steps already taken to move us in that direction. Steps like:

  • Solar panels
  • Hybrid working
  • Recycling hubs
  • Locally sourced milk
  • Single-use plastic reduction
  • Smart internal A++ lighting
  • Electrical vehicle charger points
  • Not printing brochures! Which means no ink, paper or energy are consumed in their production
  • And our Vamoos app takes away the need for on tour paper itineraries

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Proud to Be Environmentally Friendly

We’re always looking at ways to balance or reduce our carbon footprint. And with our school trips involving more coach travel, it adds to that aim.

There are a few variables, and depending on where you travel, coach emissions can be 27g CO2 for each passenger, compared to 102g for a long-haul flight and 133g for short haul. Plus, we shy away from train when we can as for a class of 40+ it can total to 1,640g for your entire group.

Another green action is our cycle to work scheme, where our Rayburn family can replace their car travel with a bicycle. Also, there’s the added benefit of morning exercise, which adds positivity and energy to when we’re planning your consciously green tour.

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On Our Way to Carbon Balanced

That’s not all though.

Probably our most far-reaching push for sustainable travel are our plans to partner with organisations balancing carbon with green-inspired ambitions.

To get you and your students to your life-changing tour, some form of transport will be needed. However, if we can’t reduce we can look to organisations like C-level to help us balance the rest. C-Level partner with global projects designed to give the power back to the local communities. Partnering with them allows us to sponsor global programmes created so the local community can defend, rejuvenate, and reduce unsustainable practices damaging their environment.

Finally, we’re looking to become TravelLife accredited. Launched by ABTA and ANVR as well as being supported by a plethora of universities and the European Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism (ECEAT).  It’ shows your organisation is dedicated to including sustainable practices within your operations.

Aiming for Sustainable Travel

Overall, we’re incredibly proud of our push for a greener office and responsible tours. We’re on our way to understanding our footprint, starting to make a positive impact and striving to be as environmentally friendly as we can.

Plus, we’re looking to the future by aligning ourselves with organisations that helps us balance or reduce our carbon footprint.

It’s a constantly conscious perspective and action to protect our future. Although we don’t have all the answers, we are committed and always looking out for ways where we can help.

So, if you have any questions, answers, or initiatives that could help us or your tour reduce its carbon emissions, then email or contact us.

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