School Ski Trip Planning: Beginner Top Tips

Last updated: Jan 22nd, 2024

It’s normal to feel a bit lost when planning a school ski trip. You want it to be the most memorable experience for all staff and students, and it’s difficult to know where to start!

But not to worry, we’re here to help! We understand the overwhelm, and love to take the planning away from your workload. The staff should be just as excited as the students – it’s everyone’s trip!

Key Questions

Let’s take a look at some questions that will kickstart the planning process:

What ski ability level are your students at?

What is your budget?

How many students would you like to take on tour?

When do you want to travel?

Whether you know what you want from a ski trip or you’re a first-time party leader, we are here to guide you along the way from start to finish.

Top Tier Tips

Our ski team  are focused on ticking all your tour objectives and finding the right resort and ski package for you. And they’ve kindly provided us with some of their top tips!

Let’s look at what they have suggested!

Ski instructor taking a lesson in Grandvalira


Did you know there’s the option of a piste side accommodation? The slopes are right on your doorstep! This is a great option for maximising your time – you can be the first ones on the slopes for the best snow of the day! You can also request a hotel with a games room, perfect for hosting a games night, quiz night or even a karaoke night for the group! Smaller accommodations are usually better for beginner groups, but if you want a bit of hustle and bustle, a larger resort with more après options and shops for the students would suit!


You know the old saying – it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey! Well, it’s both! Coach journeys with the singing, chatting, watching films, listening to music, can make for some pretty incredible memories. Just being together as a group ready and excited is quite something! When considering transportation, whether it be via coach or flight, think about convenience and the amount of equipment you have on your trip. You can’t go wrong with having your own private coach and that extra needed space!

The Slopes

The likelihood of all students in a group being semi-pro skiers is pretty low (although not impossible). Groups are often made up of a variety of skill levels, and this is an important factor to consider when picking a destination. Lucky for you, we have all kinds of destinations to suit different confidences and abilities. Beginners, those wishing to give the intermediate slope a bash or expert.

Here’s a reminder of the slope levels at ski resorts:

  • Blue- Easy
  • Red- Intermediate
  • Black- Expert

You can check out each resorts piste maps on our website, and we can help you work out the best fit for your group!

Ski Session Hours

Our experts have advised that ski tuition sessions are 4 hours each on tour. With 2 lessons a day, it is worth thinking about the amount of Après activities that you would like included in your package. Our recommendation would be 2-3 Après activities, so your students can have at least 1 night of relaxing and socialising with friends. It’s a busy few days on the slopes!


Some resorts will not offer a snowboarding option. If snowboarding is an interest the resort will need a minimum of 8 people per group. A tip would be to have an option of ski or snowboarding when launching the tour to students and this way you can get an idea of numbers for each. It could be that you book a resort with both ski and snowboarding to have that flexibility.

City Stopovers

Have you thought about extending your trip to include a city stopover? Mix it up a bit and venture out for some sightseeing and shopping. The perfect opportunity for you group to fully embrace a new and exciting culture – after all, ski resorts are like a whole other snow-quilted world! Opting to travel by coach really comes in handy for these stopover opportunities!


Let’s Get This Snow on the Road!

And there you have it! A few prompts to get your ski head in gear! Head over to our enquiry form to have a chat with our ski experts and we can make your vision a reality.

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