Concert Tours to Germany

The perfect rural escape

  • Rhineland
  • The Black Forest

We’re specialists in concert tours to Germany, which is why we divide our tours into youth and school groups and adult groups. And because every group is different, we’ll tailor your itinerary to meet your ensemble’s needs, allowing you to perform, relax and enjoy exactly how you want.


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High on history and soul-stirring scenery

Where half-timbered towns neighbour ultra-modern cities, Germany is the perfect blend of old and new. Ideal for instrumental ensembles, its endearing collection of spa town bandstands and vibrant market squares provide a beautiful backdrop to your performances, whilst scenic river cruises, fairytale castles and indulgent wine festivals will give you a true taste of German culture. Simply put, a concert tour to Germany is a feast of food, history and scenery.

Rhine River Cruise