Instrument Transportation

As concert tour specialists, we understand the challenges of transporting instruments on tour. That’s why we work closely with airlines and coach companies to keep you in the know and alleviate any worries you may have. After all, your instruments are your treasured items.

Travelling by Air

Working closely with airlines, we’re able to outline their policies for the transportation of instruments in the very early planning stages. This means that you can travel with the knowledge that your much-loved instruments will be carefully transported on both their outbound and inbound journeys.


Travelling by Coach

For groups travelling by coach, instruments can be transported in the luggage store, and for those transporting larger or greater numbers of instruments, a trailer can be arranged.


Instrument Hire

Prefer to leave your instruments at home? We can hire the instruments you require so they’re ready and waiting for you!

Trombone playing reading and playing music on a concert tour