Jason Andrews

Rednock School

Jason currently works as Head of the Music at Rednock School, where he is committed to creating inclusive performance opportunities for young people both via the school provision and in the community setting.

He is currently in the process of writing his Rayburn Tours memoirs (yes, you read it right!), capturing a plethora of amazing memories captured on tours dating back to 2002. He is a self-confessed fan of touring and believes wholeheartedly in the benefits for young people. When talking to him about his history of touring, you’ll be hard pushed not to ‘get the bug!’

But where did it all begin? Jason’s love and dedication to music was first born when a friend gifted him a French horn as a child. Returning home to his parents, with his new instrument in hand, he expressed a desire to ‘give it a go’ and quite simply that is where it all began.

In the absence of a strong musical provision in his school setting he developed his musical skills in the community setting, playing in various ensembles, including the Merseyside Youth Orchestra. During his time in these groups he was lucky enough to travel on various concert tours where he captured many happy and wonderful memories that he recollects as some of the best moments of his young life.

When earning the position of Head of Music at Rednock he knew this was something he wanted replicate for his students. In 2002, at the age of 30, with a mature head on his shoulders, he felt ready to take on the huge responsibility of taking students away from their parents to tour – and he’s never looked back, running a bi-annual trip to various international locations.

The road hasn’t been without its lumps and bumps, with many lessons learned along the way. He attends our event today to share with attendees some of the biggest lessons he’s learned. There are some real takeaway tips in here. From choosing a loyal adult team to travel with and support you, to ensuring inclusivity and not being afraid to bring school and community provisions together.


“I speak to everyone about my touring history, I’m proud of the effect the tours have had on young performers lives and I’m not quiet in sharing my recommendation of Rayburn Tours. This isn’t a sell, it’s a very honest acknowledgment of the value that I and all the relevant stakeholders place on our working partnership, of the pivotal role they play in transporting my group safely while planning itineraries that are detailed and knowledgeable. They are also hugely skilled in matching repertoire styles to venues and gathering groups a hugely appreciative international audience.”


Touring is an essential part of his schools musical offering with parents choosing to place their students at Rednock School because of this enhanced offering. After COVID delayed his touring plans for two years running he even has ex students who are now at university saying they will be coming back to join the tour in 2022! We can’t think of many things that would nurture such commitment – can you?!


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