Katie Boyden

Joint Managing Director (and performer) Rayburn Tours Ltd

Representing the Boyden family and acting in her role as Joint Managing Director of Rayburn Tours, today, Katie joins us in her capacity as singer and musician.

Her love of performing was nurtured from the young age of 4, with her mum teaching singing and piano lessons from home. From this very early age, she started craving involvement, then carrying on to learn piano and violin and singing in numerous choirs throughout her school career. During Katie’s secondary school years, her love and passion for singing grew and it indeed became her main instrument, with her continuing to study Music right up to degree level.

Singing in many choirs throughout her adult life, she currently sings in two contrasting and diverse choirs.
Repton Community Choir is a non-auditioned choir, where singers don’t have to be able to read music, and provides an opportunity for everyone to get involved, singing a repertoire of uplifting popular music. She has also been a part of Armonico Consort based in Warwick since 2001, where she sings alongside her Mum. An auditioned choir where the standards required to perform are high, you have to be able to read music and you have to turn up knowing your part. The joy of singing in these two choirs is fuelled by the breadth and diversity of repertoire available for her to sing.

Combining this life-long passion with her working role as MD of Rayburn Tours, she is delighted to be hosting an event where performers and Musical Directors can share a space to contemplate the concept of touring. Opening up the ‘virtual floor’ to a host of speakers who are experienced tourers, leading varying ensemble types, there are many lessons and ideas to be shared form their long history of touring.


“This, our first event, will provide us all with an opportunity to come together in a space where we can share ideas, discuss any fears and barriers to touring, learn from others and understand more about the deep rooted benefits that that are associated with taking an ensemble on tour. This event is about you. It’s about learning from other members of your community who’ve ‘been there and done it’ so to speak. The pandemic has significantly impacted our industry and for a good period of time we’ve had what we love doing the most taken away from us. The opportunity to again be performing with each other now feels imminent and more so than ever we have an opportunity to re-engage members and ‘change things up’ so to speak. We are already witnessing the early signs of a growing pent up desire from groups to raise the bar and try something new. Right now touring seems to be the natural choice.”



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