Rhys Stevenson - Tour Co-ordinator

Rhys Stevenson - Tour Co-ordinator

Rhys Stevenson

Tour Co-ordinator, Educational Tours

Languages spoken: German, Russian, some French

The most rewarding aspect of my job: Crafting an exciting itinerary and then seeing how that tour comes to fruition is undoubtedly the most rewarding aspect of the job. It is immensely satisfying to hear about the great experiences groups have had on tour.

The chance to travel and familiarise myself with the destinations is also a massive bonus of the role!

My travel bucket list: Having spent time in Russia and Ukraine, Belarus is definitely high up on my travel bucket list. The country’s relative obscurity for Western tourists is certainly a pull factor for me. I also think the mix of Stalinist and modern architecture in Minsk would make the city a very atmospheric place to visit, and I would hope to see some of the amazing wildlife in the primeval forest of Belarus’ national parks.

Email : rhys.stevenson@rayburntours.com