Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources

Brighten up your Classroom

At Rayburn Tours, we are all about supporting young people's learning which is why we take the time to create fantastic free resources for you to use in lessons and when out on tour.

From our visually striking classroom posters to our popular 'Top It!' card games (a great idea for the coach journey!), we invite you to download, print off and enjoy our fantastic educational resources!

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Geography Resources


 Iceland's Tourism Boom Classroom Poster                                               Development Indicators 'Top It!' Cards


5 Countries Most Affected by Climate Change Poster                             Different Forms of Volcanoes Poster


Geography Career Paths Poster                                                           Tropical Rainforests: Deforestation and Sustainable Management

China's Population Poster


History Resources


 Women's Roles in the First World War Classroom Poster                        Second World War Timeline



Battle of the Somme Classroom Poster                                                     The Berlin Wall Classroom Poster



History Careers Path Poster                                                                       Historical Landmarks 'Top It' Cards


D Day Poster

Language Resources


 German Cities 'Top It!' Cards                                                                      French Cities 'Top It!' Cards



5 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language Classroom Poster                      Language Career Paths Poster 


Tenses Classroom Poster

Business Resources

Business Career Paths Poster

Sport Resources

World Cup 2018 'Top It!' Cards 

Ski Resources

Ski Resort Colour in Map