Travel Insurance

A formidable group travel insurance policy

For your financial security, you must have insurance when travelling with us, whether it be your own or the insurance we provide through Aviva. We highly recommend our insurance because it’s tailored specifically for schools with specialist insurance policies for individual tour types.

Rayburn Tours are pleased to partner with David Roberts & Partners insurance brokers to provide a fully comprehensive group travel insurance policy underwritten by Aviva, which includes cancellation, curtailment and medical cover for COVID. All claims are handled on Aviva’s behalf by award winning CEGA Group.

Everyone has questions, especially at this time, so below are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Still have questions? No problem! Simply get in touch with our team and we will be happy to answer them for you.

Insurance FAQs


  • Everyone in the group has a GHIC (formerly EHIC). Do we still need travel insurance?
    A GHIC or EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance and is not valid for use in all countries. It will not cover any private medical healthcare or costs, cancellation, travel delay, mountain rescue in ski resorts, being repatriated back to the UK, or lost or stolen property. Having both a GHIC and travel insurance will ensure your group is appropriately covered.
  • From what point are we covered under the insurance?
    Pre-departure (cancellation) cover starts from the date that you book your trip and pay your first deposit if insurance is included in your package. If you choose to add in insurance at a later date, your pre-departure cover will be activated upon receipt of payment of the premium. At these points, you will receive your full policy documentation. The rest of your cover starts on your scheduled departure day.
  • Will insurance cover us if we have not had vaccinations on offer?
    Not having vaccinations will not invalidate the insurance policy if you travel, however where destination countries have specific entry requirements, it is the group member’s responsibility to ensure that these are met. Unfortunately, there is no insurance cover for denied boarding/entry where group members do not meet the entry requirements of the destination country.
  • What happens if a group member in my group becomes unwell whilst we are away?
    If a group member falls ill whilst you are away, you should contact the CEGA emergency medical claim number. They can help to support and advise you on next steps and ensure the group member is well looked after. Of course, if it is a medical emergency, call an ambulance straight away and notify CEGA at the earliest opportunity so that they can provide support and financial assistance with the claim. The insurance will provide cover for any additional accommodation, travel or medical costs, without limitation. Rayburn Tours can also provide support via the 24-hour emergency line.
  • Would the policy cover cancellation if a group member is a close contact of someone (a sibling or similar) who has tested positive for COVID?
    Regarding the individuals with siblings, the insurance policy will only provide cancellation cover in the event that they are instructed to isolate by NHS Track and Trace. If they are not instructed to do so, then the insurance policy would not provide cancellation cover. Please note that the NHS Test and Trace instruction has to be received up to 14 days before the journey is due to commence.

    If the individual child (whose sibling has been instructed to isolate) does travel, then they will be afforded full cover under the policy should they then test positive during the journey i.e. full medical expenses, repatriation, travel and accommodation expenses for a family member.

  • What happens if a member of our party displays COVID symptoms during the trip?
    If a group member has symptoms, the individual should start isolating immediately. The Group Leader should call the CEGA Emergency Assistance number provided for advice about the exact procedure in the destination country. The insurance will provide cover for any additional accommodation, travel or medical costs, without limitation. Rayburn Tours can also provide support via the 24-hour emergency line.
  • What additional support do we have if someone must remain in isolation whilst on tour (whether unwell or not)?
    The Group Leader should liaise with the CEGA Emergency Assistance team and follow the procedures outlined. If you are unwell, your insurance will cover the costs of emergency travel expenses including transport and accommodation of one relative or friend who has to remain in destination or to have one relative or friend travel to the destination. In order for the policy to provide cover, if you have been a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID, that person must have informed NHS Test and Trace and the self-isolation instruction must come from NHS Test and Trace.

If you have chosen alternative insurance cover for your group, please check directly with your insurer as policies do differ.