2021’s Top FREE Language Resources

We've compiled a selection of our favourite language resources from this past year, take a look below.

Did you know that many of our team here at Rayburn are fluent in languages including French, German, Spanish and Italian? So throughout 2021 we asked them to use these skills to create some amazing FREE resources for you to share with your students.

Whilst our team set to work on creating some more for 2022, we thought we would share the most visited resources from our web, that received thousands of views in 2021.

German compound nouns

25 hilarious German Compound Nouns

With plenty of grammatical rules (and exceptions) to get to grips with, German is known for being a challenging and complex language.

So, for a little something different, we’ve complied some of the most entertaining common compound nouns (where two words have simply been stuck together to create a new one).

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Sound like a German native with our top 10 funny idioms

Want to pass as a native German speaker? Brush up on these ‘Redensarten’ (known in English as idioms). These are everyday sayings used to express emotions and thoughts.

Here we share some of the funniest German idioms and sayings to use in everyday conversations.

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French faux amis

Your A to Z of French ‘Faux Amis’

Have you spotted a word in French that looks similar to a word we have in the English language? Beware, all may not be quite as it seems!

We’ve popped together our A to Z (or rather A to V) of the most common ‘faux amis’ to ensure your language learners don’t get themselves into any sticky situations.

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Funny food idioms that will make you sound more French

One great way to make yourself, or your language students, sound like a French native is to learn ‘expressions idiomatiques’ (known in English as idioms or sayings).

So we’ve found some of our favourite French idioms and sayings about food for you to use – ça ne mange pas de pain, right?

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Funny animal idioms that will make you sound more French

Just like our food idioms above, but this time, animal idioms.

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