Choir of the Year: 5th March 2014 – Meeting with Greg Beardsell

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019


Choir of the Year have put us in touch with Greg Beardsell, Deputy Artistic Director of the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain and presenter at Choir of the Year. By absolute coincidence it would seem that he has also been on tour with Rayburn Tours!

I’ve been told to be fully prepared to blush, quite a dashing and charming gent by all accounts!

Off we go again, Longborough this time, Greg has invited us to his home to interview him about his involvement in developing choral singing across the UK, his role in Choir of The Year and finally why he believes that embarking on an international choir tour is the most natural step to take after performing on the stages at Choir of The Year.

We arrive a little later than planned, traffic not being on our side, to be greeted by the very charming Greg Beardsell and his wife.

Beautiful home, great setting for an interview and clearly a man who is passionate about his art and his involvement in Choir of The Year.

We leave feeling very happy with what we’ve captured on film. All we need to do now is integrate the clips into our presentation in readiness for the 8 auditions taking place across the UK; we can’t wait to share our session with everyone – Greg’s input combined with the Wooburn Singers and Derby Cathedral Choir is really something quite special!

For any groups that would like to see our “Top Tips on Touring” presentation please contact us and we’ll do everything we can to attend one of your rehearsals – prepare your group to be inspired!

Let the auditions commence!