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Choir Leader leads choristers in the Got 2 Sing London Tour 2023

Making The Most Of Our Beautiful UK Cities

Discover inspiring performance footage and stories that truly capture what adult music tours making the most of beautiful UK cities are all about!
Trombone playing reading and playing music on a concert tour

11 Brass Band Venues from Around the World

For your pocket guide to some standout places to play in - like Disneyland Paris, Menin Gate and the Lincoln Memorial - take 2 minutes to read this.

10 Best Ways on How To Prepare for Your Music Tour

Fundraising, early planning and assessing concert tour members are just 3 of the top points in getting your music trip off the ground. You can read the rest here.
Music Begins: The Black American Musicians at the Start Poster Collection Collage

Six Ways to Teach 6 Musical Genres

Blues, jazz, soul, R&B, rock and roll and pop are classic musical genres. And here are introductory lessons on an aspect of each for your students.
UK Choir Festival

The UK Choir Festival Manchester 2023 is Back!

Your all singing extravaganza is back and better than ever! If you're looking for workshops, renowned choral leaders and inspiring choirs - this is the place to be!

9 Top Tips on How to Plan the Perfect School Concert Tour

It can be daunting planning a school concert tour for 40+ students. You’re enormously excited and feel 9 top tips on how to plan the perfect school concert tour would be ideal. Then worry no...

Summer Fun in Edinburgh!

Summer concert tours to Edinburgh are a popular choice for adult music groups, when a performance as part of the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a possibility. So it comes as no surprise to us...

Top takeaways from our first concert tours webinar

In 2021, we ran our very first Concert Tours Webinar which proved to be a resounding success, with all those in attendance leaving with a bunch of invaluable tips and takeaways from our panel of...
Got 2 Sing choristers performing at Spitalfields on their 2023 London Tour

How to choose the right destination for your next concert tour?

Following the success of our first concert tours webinar, we asked delegates for feedback around what future topics they would like to see us cover off via webinars and blog content. Without a...

Why going above and beyond is worth every minute

“I’m a full-time music teacher and I lead music ensembles in my spare time”: whatever your scenario, you may be asking yourself “what’s in it for me?”. Now that is a question that is...

Things you may not know, but need to know about a concert tour!

UK Choir Festival

5 reasons why you should book your tickets to the 2022 UK Choir Festival now!

If you’ve been thinking about booking a space for your choir at this year’s UK Choir Festival, or just a spot for yourself to go and check it out, then look no further. If these 5 reasons don’t...