Why Prague?

Last updated: May 3rd, 2023


Old downtown of Prague. Czech Republic

With its fairytale-esque streets and historically-rich performance venues, it’s no wonder that Prague holds such a strong allure for touring choirs.

Afternoons in Prague unfold like sweet reveries, as hours spent immersed in the city’s romantically lit cobbled streets float by in a pleasant haze of seamless activity. In a uniquely preserved historical centre, where Renaissance monuments stand adjacent to ornate gothic cathedrals and Baroque churches neighbour medieval buildings, Prague is a combination of historical eras that amalgamate in beautiful ways.

Why we love Prague…

The diversity that Prague offers ties in perfectly with our aim to provide our groups with an interesting variety of performance venues. Choirs can perform in the heart of the ‘hundred-spired’ city, singing in some of the largest and most significant buildings in Prague, such as St Vitus Cathedral and St Nicholas Church. For those looking to enjoy a more tranquil performance setting, the towns of Western Bohemia on the outskirts of the city offer another story altogether.

An accumulation of quaint spa towns, Western Bohemia is a slow-paced retreat that counters the hustle and bustle of the city centre. This contrast provides a perfect balance for touring choirs, offering a mix of performance and excursion opportunities. Within the beautiful spa town of Mariánské Lázně is a cluster of stunning performance venues, including the magnificent Colonnade which welcomes choirs of all repertoires all year round.

Whether your choir prefers formal or informal, grand or modest, central or scenic, the diversity of the region offers performance and leisure options to suit your requirements.


Why our groups love Prague…

Although Prague is a popular destination for all of our music tours, it has been a particularly favoured destination for choir groups over the years. Here’s our pick of Prague highlights…

Oakville Singers

‘A great opportunity to sing in a variety of venues and to experience new cultures.’

Concert highlight? ‘The concert in Lysa, as the town really wanted us to be there. The welcome by the Vice-Mayor, the warmth of the audience and above all the concert which had a quality which was both musically and spiritually uplifting.’

Voices City of Derby Girls Choir

‘A wonderful experience – thoroughly enjoyable in every way. Many thanks to staff at Rayburn for yet another wonderful tour – our 10th with you!’

Recommended venue? ‘St Nicolas Church – excellent in every way. Perfect acoustic. We were made to feel very welcome.’



It’s not just for choirs! Prague is a also a popluar tour destination for bands….

Saffron Walden County High School

‘Our tour to Prague was great because of the concerts mainly. They were exciting and rewarding.’ – Ms. Smith

Concert highlight? ‘The Colonnade – excellent, large receptive audience with everyone sitting outside the Colonnade and near the singing fountain.’


Nam Miru 17


Fourth time’s a charm…

With a fond love of the city and its opportunities for touring music groups, Caroline Moss, party leader of Beaconsfield High School, has recently booked her fourth concert tour to Prague with us. After three successful tours to Prague, including a tour with a youth music group from Hong Kong, Caroline is one of the many party leaders to put Prague at the top of their concert tour list!

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