Learning Unlimited Interview

Last updated: Jul 13th, 2022

Here at Rayburn HQ, we were recently visited by Charlie, a social media apprentice from our learning provider, Learning Unlimited, who came to talk to our Admin Manager, Rebecca Pepper, about our apprentice experience.

We’ve been big advocates of apprenticeship schemes over the years, finding apprentice’s work ethic, personalities and willingness to learn and adapt a huge benefit to the business. You can read Charlie’s blog post below…

Derby based Rayburn Tours provide superb value Educational Trips, School Ski Trips, Sports and Concert Tours, abroad and in the UK for Schools, Youth & Music Groups. With apprentices embedded firmly in their day to day productivity we decided to put the questions to Rebecca Pepper, Admin Manager at Rayburn Tours, to find out just what they’ve brought to the business.

Q: Why did you choose to bring apprentices to your business?
We’ve had a few apprentices from Learning Unlimited in the past, all of which have worked really well with the administration team and have fitted in perfectly. The apprentices that work for Rayburn grow and develop in the business, moving up into different positions. Taking on apprentices was a great choice, as they can be trained up to become perfect members of the team, learning all aspects of the business.

Q: What have apprentices brought to your business?
Apprentices bring a lot to the business, more than people would think. The apprentices have a different work ethic compared to other staff; the apprentices really want to learn and work hard to learn all aspects of the business and the industry they’re working in. This past year has been incredibly busy, yet our 3 apprentices: Grace, Georgia and Emma have been working tirelessly to keep on top of their workload and have made us very proud of their passion.

Q: How has the learning side of the apprenticeship worked?
Regarding the learning side of the apprenticeship programme, we’ve allocated the apprentices a full morning to help them complete their NVQ work. I definitely want to praise the support made by assessor Amy Mitchell, as her frequent contact between her and the apprentices provided excellent support throughout their apprenticeships.

Q: What have your experiences been like working with Learning Unlimited?
We’re really happy with Learning Unlimited’s services and I applaud the recruitment team who found the best candidates that suited our needs. I must also praise Learning Unlimited’s Partnership Accounts Officer, Emma Braybrooke, for her continuous support and the way she understood what Rayburn was searching for.

Q: What has surprised you about apprenticeships?
Apprenticeships have not surprised me as such, as we’ve had previous apprentices with other training providers in the past. However, I’m so glad I found Learning Unlimited as they’ve always stood out from other providers by their clear understanding of what our needs are.