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The Big Choral Census

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Did you know that 300,000 more people sing regularly than play amateur football each week? A great stat isn’t it? According to a new national survey from choral charity, Voices Now, 2.14m people sing regularly in over 40,000 choirs, ranging from community choirs, rock choirs and church choirs, through to new categories including choirs relating to health and social wellbeing and socially engaged choirs.

Part of the aim of the Big Choral Census was simply to find out how many choirs there were in the UK and although they discovered that 2.14 million people are singing regularly, Voices believe the real numbers are actually much higher as they continue to seek out new choirs and data.

Despite these positive figures, it was disappointing to see that football receives £30m in government funding annually, compared to just £500,000 for choral groups. That’s why at Rayburn Tours we are championing the importance of concert tours for all types of youth and adult ensembles. Travelling as an ensemble provides you and your group with the once in a lifetime opportunity to perform to appreciative audiences in a host of hand-picked international locations. Planning your performances in inspiring venues is central to what we do, but we’ll also take care of your travel, accommodation, publicity and time at leisure, all the while using our expertise and passion for touring to guide you every step of the way.

It’s great that 2.14m people are singing regularly in the UK, now why don’t you come and showcase your talent on tour?