The best free school trips & visits in Nottingham for 2020

Last updated: Jun 5th, 2024

School trips don’t always have to have a price tag on them! For teachers who are after a free school trip or visit in Nottingham, we’ve got you covered. Whether you fancy a pizza-making activity at Pizza Express, a virtual reality experience from Severn Trent or an interactive session on all things feline from Cats Protection, there’s something to suit students of all ages.

Check out the best free school trips and visits in Nottingham for 2020!

School visit from Cats Protection Nottingham

Suitable for: Primary school, secondary school, college, youth groups & adults
Location: Nationwide – adoption centre is located in Nuthall, Nottingham

Teach your students about cat welfare, how to be a responsible owner and much more with a free school visit from the Community Education Officer of Cats Protection. The session is designed to educate in a fun and engaging way, involving visual aids, props, animations, plus Q&A sessions to keep the attention of everyone in your classroom.

Cats Protection will adapt this session to suit the age of your group, whether that’s primary, secondary or even adults!

Want to know more? For more information or to book a visit, take a look at the education section of the Cats Protection website.

School visit from Severn Trent

Suitable for: Primary school & community groups
Location: Nationwide

Severn Trent offer free activities and site visits for primary schools to help children learn about how and why to stay hydrated, as well as the importance of not wasting water. Opt for an assembly session and follow-on workshop, where you can choose between a classroom-based workshop or a workshop in one of their amazing interactive buses!

They’ll bring the bus to your school or community centre and provide an engaging style of learning. Through interactive games and virtual reality, students can trace the journey of a raindrop, step into the role of a water worker and learn about the importance of water as a resource.

Want to know more? For more information, visit the Severn Trent website and register your interest in a school visit or tour.

School visit from Warburtons

Suitable for: Primary school
Location: Nationwide

Warburtons has run a National School Visitor Programme for over 20 years, visiting schools across the nation to help educate 5-11 year-old primary school pupils about bread making, food hygiene and healthy eating. So far, the initiative has helped over 30,000 children across the UK increase their knowledge through creative and interactive workshops.

Want to know more? To apply for a school visit, go to Warburtons School Visitors for more information.

School trip to Pizza Express

Suitable for: Primary school
Location: Nottingham

Get your students excited about cooking with a free school visit to Pizza Express. Held at the restaurant, students will spend a lively morning chopping their ingredients, kneading their dough and topping their pizzas, as well as learning about the importance of food hygiene.

Whilst the pizzas are cooking, the ‘Ingredients Quiz’ will keep everyone entertained as they taste and learn about different ingredients! A great way to expose them to new food, new skills and get them cooking at home. And of course they get to take their pizzas home.

Want to know more? For more information about booking a visit, contact Pizza Express by clicking here.

School visit from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution

Suitable for: Primary school & above
Location: Nationwide

Help your class learn about water safety with a free school visit from a Royal National Lifeboat Institution volunteer. They’ll come into your school and educate your students on topics including sea and sand safety, how lifeboat rescues work, the history of the RNLI, the work of a charity, volunteering and much more.

Delivered by trained volunteers and lifeguards, presentations are designed to be interactive and informative, equipping students with the knowledge they need to stay safe and inspire them by the lifesaving work of RNLI volunteers.

For more information or to book a visit, take a look at the Royal National Lifeboat Institution website.

School trip to Trent Lock

Suitable for: Primary school & above
Location: Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire

A visit to Trent Lock is a great way to introduce your students to canal history and wildlife. A guided walk will let them see both the flowing River Trent and the start of the Erewash Canal, as well as help them understand the difference between canals and rivers. Whilst workshops can focus on local history, wildlife or STEM.

Your class can even take part in a free fishing taster session at Trent Lock! The Let’s Fish! sessions will give your students the chance to be active outdoors and connect to nature, as well as study the species that live within our waterways and how the Canal & River Trust looks after them.

From building confidence, co-ordination and patience, to teaching them about water safety, conduct and behaviour, the session offers a number of valuable learning outcomes.

The majority of the Let’s Fish! sessions are held between April and October and open to all ages.

Want to know more? For more information or to book a visit, take a look at the Canal & River Trust website. Alternatively, find out more about the free Let’s Fish! activity here.

School visit from VEOLIA School Waste Action Club

Suitable for: Primary school & secondary school
Location: Nottingham

Designed to educate students on reducing, reusing and recycling school waste, the Schools Waste Action Club (SWAC) can deliver free practical lessons and waste-themed assemblies for schools.

Starting with an engaging assembly, the visit follows on with a range of classroom-based, hands-on activities given by a SWAC Education Officer. Activities include making recycled paper, rubbish relay, designing a waste-free lunch and more – all aimed to raise awareness and kick-start behavioural change.

Activities vary to suit primary school and secondary school students.

Want to know more? For more information about arranging a visit, get in touch with VEOLIA today.

School visit from the Japan Society

Suitable for: Primary school & above
Location: Nationwide

Since 1991, the JIYC programme has provided free school visits by trained Japanese volunteers, bringing all things Japan into the classroom for over 100,000 children.

Visits are tailored to your needs, ranging from a general introduction to Japan, to sessions that are designed to fit in with your school’s literacy or numeracy programmes. Projects that students can also get involved in include the World Children’s Haiku Contest and Photography Project, whilst various online teaching resources are also available.

For more information about booking a trained Japanese volunteer to speak at your school, get in touch with the Japan Society today.

School trip to Rufford Abbey Country Park

Suitable for: Primary school & above
Location: Rufford, Nottinghamshire

Rufford Abbey Country Park is free to the public, making it the perfect place to learn about nature whilst having a few fun options to experience, including the free Adventure Play Area! The park is built mainly to accommodate families who want a fun day, with paid seasonal events also planned throughout the year, including KS2 activity sessions.

Free trails and areas available are:

  • The Abbey Meadow
  • The Formal Gardens
  • The Reg Hookway Arboretum
  • Adventure Play Area

Paid activities are also available, such as:

  • Adventure golf
  • Ice cream parlour
  • Gift shop
  • Themed trails
  • Sheep Meadow
  • Lime Tree Avenue

Parking charges typically range from £2-£4 per car. Visit the Rufford Abbey Country Park website to be updated with the latest information.

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