“Could we really perform there?” Unlikely concert venues in Belgium

Last updated: Mar 23rd, 2020

Imagine stepping through the doors of a beautiful holy venue, surrounded by sacred sentiment and ready for every corner to be filled with the echoes of your ensemble.

As you take your first breath to begin singing, or nestle your instrument into its most familiar position, you’re astounded by the acoustic brilliance you had only imagined before.


OLV Church, De Panne


The Belgian coastal town of De Panne offers a scenic environment for a concert tour with its wide beaches and picturesque nature reserves, as well as achieving secular, sacred and classical performance ambitions at OLV Church.

“This was definitely the best venue for us on the tour – it has a beautiful acoustic and a fantastic audience. The church even provided drinks and food for everyone after the concert.”

St Paul’s Girls School


St Salvator’s Cathedral, Bruges


Aside from the traditional beer and legendary chocolate, a concert tour to Bruges provides a fascinating dip into Belgian history, including a sacred performance at the oldest parish church – St Salvator’s Cathedral.

“Belgium was a great area for a short tour – lots of interesting and beautiful places to sing. We enjoyed the amazing acoustic in St Salvator’s Cathedral in Bruges.”

Tonbridge School


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