“Could we really perform there?” Unlikely concert venues in Germany

Last updated: Mar 23rd, 2020

Get ready for an unforgettable concert tour to Rhineland, where your ensemble’s sound will echo through the walls of Gothic architecture, and impress audiences within some of Germany’s most romantic outdoor settings.


Cologne Cathedral, Rhineland


Join the churchgoers of Cologne during midday prayer and deliver a sacred performance that will guarantee an unforgettable cathedral visit for locals and tourists alike. Many choirs tell us of the privilege felt when singing at this grand, twin-spired work of art.

“Singing in Cologne Cathedral was without doubt the best moment of our tour. We will never forget the perfect acoustics carrying our voices for what felt like forever.”

Côr CF1 Choir


Bad Ems Bandstand & Marble Hall, Rhineland


Occupying a prime spot along the edge of the River Lahn, this Bad Ems-based venue is known for its exquisite design and unrivalled atmosphere for concerts. Both the Bandstand and Marble Hall welcome ensembles with secular repertoires.

“Walking in to the Marble Hall at Bad Ems was very dramatic. It was a fantastic place to play, particularly with the acoustics for the brass and percussion.”

East Grinstead Concert Band

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