5 YouTube channels you can’t help but binge

Last updated: Jun 5th, 2024

Ah YouTube, the place where you start watching a how-to video and end up in the depths of the ultimate funny cat compilation. With new videos popping up every day (and YouTube being so generally clickable), you can have a hard time sifting through everything and finding the good stuff.

That’s why we’ve put together a few of our favourite YouTube channels to keep you entertained – we’d even argue these give big budget TV shows a run for their money!


Sorted Food

Perfect for: when you’ve finished watching MasterChef

Whether you’re a total beginner in the kitchen or a well-seasoned foodie, you’ll love watching Sorted. With 2 trained chefs and 3 ‘normals’, the group has a fantastic time trying new recipes, cooking challenges, taste testing, kitchen gadget using – the list goes on!

Every video is inspired by their community who comment on what they’d like to see in the next video, which keeps the content fresh and fun! Sorted also has a club that offers an app with more recipes, cook books, a podcast and meal plan packs all tailored to making food fun.





Perfect for: when you’re feeling curious about the world

A small team based in Germany make ‘videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism’. Basically, their videos make factual science fun and beautiful through their narrated animations.

Not only are their videos beautiful in design, but they stay true to science and approach subjects that are topical and interesting. You’ll learn something new every 2 weeks when they bring out their latest video for the whole family to watch.





Perfect for: when you’re in a ‘but why?’ kinda mood

Another superb channel that makes learning fun and intriguing, Michael Stevens and his team create videos on scientific, psychological, mathematical and philosophical topics.

Videos such as ‘Which Way Is Down?’ answer a question everybody knows the answer to, but with science and mathematics explaining the why, what and how. You may be surprised with the answer… Another popular video is ‘What Is The Speed of Dark?’ We’ve all heard of the speed of light, but what about the dark?

In a nutshell, Vsauce is a fun way to learn more on subjects and topics you’ve probably never even thought about before.





Perfect for: when you’re bored and fancy a laugh

Featuring a diverse line up of gaming, food, music and game shows – showcasing people across generations for nearly a decade – React is a fantastically entertaining channel you can end up spending hours watching.

Series include the ‘Try not to laugh challenge’, where people from all backgrounds and generations sit through a collection of funny video clips and compete to see who can get through them all without laughing.

There’s also ‘Kids react to food’ where foods from different cultures or times are given to their youngest members to try for the first time and see their reaction.




The Slow Mo Guys

Perfect for: when life’s moving too fast

Everybody loves a good slow motion shot. You get to see everything that happens in perfect clarity (and it just looks really cool). The Slow Mo Guys film with incredible high frame rate cameras that allow them to slow a video down way further than you could even imagine.

Videos such as ‘Football to the Face 1000x Slower’ lets us see their faces wobble and warp in the most spectacular way. ‘Underwater Explosions at 120,000fps’ lets us see an explosion that in real time took 0.01 seconds in a 50 second long slow mo. All in all, it’s interesting and educational fun for the whole family.