Teachers, take care of your mental wellbeing too!

Last updated: Nov 10th, 2020

School has been tough for everyone this year – students, parents and teachers. Whilst everyone is still getting to grips with the new normal, you, the teacher, are taking the reins and ensuring that students (and parents) adapt, understand and stay positive. With a school regime like never before, it’s vitally important to take a breather and seek a little escapism from time to time – because your mental health is just as important as anyone else’s!


Take a look at the top 5 things we suggest to boost positive mental health…


  • 1. Practice mindfulness
    • Ignore the past and future – focus on your current state of mind, your thoughts and feelings.
    • Take breaks from social media and news websites – everything that’s popping up on our screens can be overwhelming, so mute potential triggers and stay off your phone for a while (removing apps from your home screen can help squash the urge to open them!)
    • Practice breathing exercises – yoga and pilates are known to be great ways to relieve stress and calm the body.
  • 2. Keep active
    • Since gyms are closed, go for a run in an open area, get on your bike or do a home workout. There’s plenty of workout videos on YouTube – why not get the family or a friend involved too? It makes it more fun (and you can have a little natter at the same time!).
  • 3. Connect with others
    • Speaking to friends and family members is a great way to distract your mind. Enjoy a coffee over a video call, take a stroll through a local park or simply pick up the phone. What’s important is that you talk to those people you’re closest to.
    • Support others by sharing and encouraging positivity – a simple message or funny video is a small yet effective way to lift someone’s mood, and no doubt they’ll return the favour!
  • 4. Learn a new skill
    • Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time? Now’s the perfect time to actually do it! Whether it be a new hobby, learning to play an instrument or taking an online course, learning a new skill is a great way to keep you mentally engaged.
    • Find online forums and join with others who are learning the same skills – you’ll naturally build relationships and be able to share positive experiences.
  • 5. Maintain a healthy diet
    • Eating healthy foods and maintaining a well-balanced diet will improve your mood more than you think. It’s easy to reach for comfort food when you’re stressed or tired, but by staying hydrated, eating your greens and keeping your caffeine levels in check, you can end up thinking more clearly and feeling better on the inside.
    • Take a look at healthy recipes online and challenge yourself by cooking some new dishes.
  • A bonus tip: plan for the future!
    • We all need something to look forward to, right? And whilst you might not want to part with your hard earned cash right now, there’s no harm in a little window-shopping or penciling some dates in with friends and family.
    • Pencil in dates with small groups of friends or family in outdoor spaces as these are less likely to be affected by changes in government rules.

Most importantly, just remember to make some time for you!