The Benefits of School Trips for Teachers

Last updated: Jan 26th, 2022

Benefits of school trips for teachers


The benefits of learning outside the classroom for students are well known. But let’s not forget you, the teachers who take on the mammoth responsibility of arranging these experiences on top of an already busy and demanding job! So what are the benefits of school trips for teachers? Let’s explore.


Shake it up, get out of the classroom!


Most teachers spend on average 46-48 hours per week working, with a quarter reportedly working more than 59 hours per week. Often far more than their counterparts in other countries. So, we think it’s time to reinvigorate your passion, increase your job satisfaction and reap the rewards of educating students outside the classroom!


We believe there is a simple and rewarding way to break up the long teaching year. We know you’re pushed for time, and that’s why we give you all the information you need in a nutshell. No waffle, no lengthy forms, just the important stuff. We’re all about making your life easier, which is why we arrange everything for you, from the essentials to all those little extras.


Bringing learning to life


Taking the lessons out of the confines of the classroom where the topic may feel unrelated or irrelevant breathes life into the subject matter, grounding it in the real. Trips will enrich your curriculum and give students a new perspective, ultimately engaging those who may not be so responsive in the classroom.


Improved engagement with students will inevitably enhance the rest of the academic year and improve the quality of involvement for both teachers and students in class.


One of our Tour Managers, Silvia, looked back on her Italian adventure with Nunnery Wood High School and elaborates on what she witnessed first-hand while on tour:


“Everything they had learnt in Mrs Scoby’s and Mr Allen’s classrooms was coming to life before their very eyes. I am always mesmerised by this process; when something suddenly clicks in a student’s mind and everything falls into place.”



Improve teacher/pupil relationships


Happy teachers, happy students. Happy students, happy teachers. It’s a revolving door that, once opened, will pave the way for a better relationship with your pupils, translating into better understanding, communication, and co-operation in the classroom. You will be able to see your students in a whole new light, and they will be able to see you as more than just a teacher, a real person, who will be remembered as the teacher who went above and beyond for their students.


Professional & personal development


It’s the chance to acquire new skills and experiences that are transferrable to various projects. You will be able to gain invaluable leadership experience and add numerous skills to your repertoire. These will benefit your current role and can be added to your CV to improve your chances of career progression.

Working together with Rayburn to craft a successful trip will benefit you, your colleagues, students, and your school. In addition, it will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride in what you have achieved.


Extra support when you need it


Support is integral to the Rayburn offering, especially when you’re a first-time party leader without much experience. One of our history tour guides, Trevor, was on hand to tailor the tour for St John’s RC High School and give Dorothy the school’s party leader that much needed extra support.


“Everything was done to the last detail so we could just go and enjoy the experience. The guide was really informative and he tailored the tour to the young people in front of him, adding in other things to look at as we moved around Berlin.”

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