Iceland highlights through the eyes of a Geography Teacher

Last updated: Aug 21st, 2019

As a team of Iceland lovers, at Rayburn Tours we all have our own personal highlights from the Land of Fire and Ice…but who better to hear from about their favourite moments and memories from this land of extremes than a Geography Teacher?!

Rebecca Quigley from The McAuley Catholic High School tells us about her Iceland highlights…But be warned, reading on will make you want to pack your cases, reach for your passport and usher your students onto the plane for your own Icelandic adventure!

1. Glacier Walk on Sólheimajökull

Firstly, Glacier Walking was phenomenal. We were lucky in that we had an early morning session which meant we had the glacier to ourselves before the crowds arrived.

It was actually the simplest of things which left our sixth formers awe-struck; the blue of the ice, the sheer scale of the glacier, the creaking of the ice, the clinical smoothness of the ice. Those little things reminded me that in a world of modern technology and constant technological advancements young people can still gain so much from nature and that was very powerful for me.

2. Seljalandsfoss

Second of all was the trip to Seljalandsfoss. The weather was perfect and we even saw a double rainbow as we walked around the back of the mighty falls. I spend my days talking about geographical theories and natural processes and Seljalandsfoss presents not only the opportunity to see those things, but to feel them too.

Being up so close and personal with Seljalandsfoss was nothing short of spectacular. To hear the thunder of tens of thousands of gallons crashing only feet away from you, to feel refreshed as you are drenched by the spray and to have the sun shining in your eyes as it reflects through the blanket of water is living, breathing geography at its best.

3. Strokkur Geyser

Seeing Strokkur erupt in all its glory was equally as special. Our sixth form waited time and time again with baited breath waiting for the eruption and appeared to be as impressed as the time before.

To hear and feel the anticipation of the crowd and their cheers as the column of water blasts into the sky reminded us all how lucky we were to be in only a handful of places on the planet where we could experience such a wonder.

4. Stóra Dímon

Stóra Dímon was an additional trip which our Field Study Tutor, Guy, suggested and I am so glad he did. To the untrained eye it appears you are looking at vast Icelandic wilderness but to the beady eye of a geographer you could see almost every geographical process to ever shape a landscape; anthropic, fluvial, glaciers, coastal, tectonic, you name it…we could see it!!

From an educational perspective that was immeasurable particularly when your sixth formers turn to you and say:

“Miss it makes so much sense now I can see it”.

No words are more special to a Geography Teacher!


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