How To Pick The Perfect School Ski Resort

Last updated: Oct 10th, 2022

Ever wondered how to pick the perfect school ski resort?

Well, we’ve sat down with our friendly, experienced and slope shredding team of ski tour operator specialists to get the best bits in one snowy piece of content. 

Want an edge on choosing a resort? Then read on.

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Quality Places To Stay (Accommodation)

A high-quality hotel is an essential base layer to any school ski tour. You want a space that may include any or all of the following: 

  •         Delicious meals 
  •         Wi-Fi 
  •         Cool hang-out spots
  •         Sports halls
  •         Karaoke
  •         Disco 
  •         Clean and comfortable rooms
  •         Captivating après activities 
  •         And conveniently located to your chosen ski area (more on this later).

And depending on your tour age range, you might want a quiet resort with in-house après or a busier space with out of hotel entertainment. 

But don’t worry about as we can work together to pinpoint which accommodation would best suit you and your students. 

Skill Level

Because of ski and snowboarding’s huge popularity, there are a wide range of skill levels to think about. We offer slopes that hit all ability markers and include a stunning array of ski runs from green to red and blue to black triple diamond. 


Picking nursery slopes for skiers and snowboarders is ideal for a tour who haven’t skied before. But don’t worry if you favour more challenging runs as we’ve teamed up with local ski schools to spice up red to black run skier’s experiences too. 


And the ski school instructors we work with are English speaking, which means you’ll get all the linguistic ski boosting information in your own language. 


For a brilliant binding to include all skill levels, pick up the phone or email us so we can help you choose the ski resort piste perfect for your school tour.  

colourful graphic of ski slopes

How To Pick The Perfect School Ski Resort: colourful graphic of piste bottom

You Say Snow, We Say Snow!

We all have that irrepressible image of what we expect those ski inclines to look like, but it’s often mind-boggling to grasp the details of what makes sure snow. Factors to take in to account are temperatures, high altitude, ski area orientation and whether they are near a glacier.  

Plus, you want packed powder type snow for that best all-round skill level experience. 

Thankfully, we’ve got a snow-sure relationship with resorts in Austria, Andorra, North America, Canada, France, Italy and Switzerland that all provide the quality ski ground you could need.

Exciting Après Options

What goes hand-in-hand with skiing and snowboarding? Why it’s those exciting après options!


Depending on your class age range, you might need in or out-house après. On resort choices can include movies, swimming pools, pizza nights, discoes, quizzes, karaoke and even bowling.


But, if you want to get away from your hotel the local town is a great way to check out cafes, restaurants or shops for that perfect souvenir for back home.


We can cherry-pick to match these details, making your skiing resort not all about the snow sports.

How To Pick The Perfect School Ski Resort: colourful graphic of pizza restaurant

How To Pick The Perfect School Ski Resort: young student in ski gear overlooking mountains

Quiet Villages for Children

If your trip comprises young students, a ski resort connected to a quiet village can be a real clincher. It means you can give them an element of freedom whilst always keeping a protective eye on their whereabouts. 

And for cushion comfort, we know just the spots that are quieter than most spaces.

How To Pick The Perfect School Ski Resort: people skier under a ski lift

Easy Transport To The Slopes

Great slope adventures begin with easy travel from your accommodation. Why? Because the last thing you want after getting your students on the coach is spending another 60 minutes slaloming back to your hotel because someone forgot their ski gloves. 

So, avoid that crevasse and bring up the transport time from hotel to slope side with our specialist Ski Team. We’ll know all the places where you can walk from resort to your ski area, giving you the inside edge on getting the most out of your ski or snowboarding activity.

How To Pick The Perfect School Ski Resort: two skiers skiing though snow powder

Easy Access to Slope Proven Ski Equipment

With every tour itinerary we offer comes tried, tested and piste proven ski as well as boarding base equipment. These are bits of gear like skis, boots, poles, helmets and snowboards. Vital kit for a quality turn on those kicker sides. 

And if you’re wondering about ski and snowboard clothing gear essentials, then click here for our run-through of the types that’ll add to your tour.

Choose The Ski Tour Specialists (That’s Us!)

We’re enormously proud of our position within the ski and snowboarding world, with masterful planning of your travel, accommodation, ski equipment, tour type, après scene, skill levels, budget and even the regularity of snow-sure taken into consideration. 

Plus, we include friendly ski tour managers to ensure your trip runs smoother than a piste on packed powder. Oh, and all our sites are audited to our Safety Management System Policy, which is a built on our magic carpet of the School Travel Forum (STF) and Learning Outside the Classroom Badge (LOtC), and must meet or exceed all those standards. 

One more plus, we’re ABTA bonded, ATOL licensed and offer Aviva Insurance Services so you can feel that added layer of warmth when it comes to knowing your finances are protected whilst hitting those slopes. 

How To Pick The Perfect School Ski Resort: Rayburn Tours Ski Tour Manager watching a tour

So Which Ski Resort Should I Choose? 

I know, a lot of information to take in.  

So, before you get on that cable car take a seat and give us a call. We’ll have a nice, informative and considerate chat about your initial thoughts and offer details on how to get the best out of your tour for you and your students.  

We know you’ll be thinking about budget, the number of students you’re leading and might already have an idea where you want to go. So, we provide you 3 tailor-made packages that consider all aspects of your itinerary, as well some exciting extras that you might not have considered too! 

Plus, our stunning Ski Team are seasoned pro’s in experiencing, planning, and advising how to pick the perfect school ski resort best for your group.  

So, give us a call, email or click here for our corker of a ski tour page to find out how we can find your perfect resort. 

Happy Touring, Skiing, and Boarding! 

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