11 Brass Band Venues from Around the World

Last updated: Jun 14th, 2023

Looking for a performance space that ticks your sounds, sights and feel-good parameters? Then don’t miss a beat with 11 venues from around the world perfect for your brass band.

Read on.

Disneyland Paris, France

And after your audition video’s been ok’d by Disney – what better place to start than the magical Disneyland Paris Videopolis Stage?

Opened in 1992, there are 400 seats for your audience to soak in your repertoire – with a light and entertaining set-list advised.

Plus, the stage lends itself to a classic auditorium in terms of sound projection. So, you know your songs will be heard in all their glory.

But that’s not all, because your marching band can be front and centre in the daily parade around the Disneyland grounds.

Linz Market Place, Linz, Germany

To give you the feeling of being on a music tour, there’s the Market Place in Linz which might tick your venue box.

In the city centre, we provide a temporary stage for your performance to help draw in the passing public. And because it’s an open-aired space, your sound will be heard far and wide too.

Then, to add, there’s the historic, charming scenes in a traditional looking German market square.

Lincoln Memorial, Washington, USA

Next is the iconic Lincoln Memorial.

Famed the world over, it connects you with the history of a young America who in turn used the monument to connect with the values of ancient Greek diplomacy.

With that said, playing with the smooth white structure behind you as your cornet, trombone or French horns get into full voice is something quite special indeed.

And not to forget, there’ll be a bucket load of tourists to bolster your audience numbers too.

Oosterpark Bandstand, Amsterdam, Netherlands

For a classic bandstand venue, the Oosterpark stage in Amsterdam gives you that outdoor space teeming in green.

And depending on which way you choose to face, there’s the Royal Tropical Institute or deep blue of the Watergraafsmeer lake to add an extra spark to your background.

Generally, The Netherlands are chock-full of places great for youth, school and adult brass band music tours, with Oosterpark one of many we can slot into your trip.

De Panne Market Square, Belgium

Belgium is so rich with venues we’ve included two on this list – with the first De Panne Market Square.

And because there’s space, open-air acoustics and a general passing footfall, it’s a prime performance place for your brass band.

Speaking of space, if you’re unable to take your instrument on tour due to the size or legal requirements, we can arrange local instrument hire before you arrive.

Juno Beach Centre, Courseulles-sur-Mer, Normandy

Or how about the harmonic series of sand and sea with your performance?

Built to remember Canadians who lost their lives during WW2, your brass instrument family can play in front of the Juno Beach Centre on the coast of Normandy.

And don’t worry about an audience as we’ll publicise your performances before you get there.

Piazza della Chiesa, Levico Terme, Italy

For a performance under the night lights of a classic Italian scene and where the locals can enjoy your sound, the Piazza della Chiesa might be the venue for you.

All your brass sections will be loud, clear with the orange Chiesa del Santissimo Redentore right next door and the towering Lake Garda peaks a short drive away.

Groups often come away coursing with adrenaline, as steps that lead to the church become a temporary viewing platform that rise upwards away from the stage, giving a real sense of a listening, appreciative audience.

Menin Gate, Ypres, Belgium

For touching performances, the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate is hugely poignant.

The Last Post is sounded every evening and you can thoughtfully play two contemplative hymns of your choice to those attending the remembrance service.

And to help with the subtle details of a performance grounded in respect, our Tour Managers will be with you every step of the way.

Luxembourg Gardens Bandstand, Paris, France

Want to belt out your blockbusters in central Paris?

Then the Luxembourg Gardens Bandstand might just be the place for you.

Known in French as Kiosque á Musique du jardin du Luxembourg, it’s surrounded by long green boulevards, statues and the grand Luxembourg Palace.

Plus, there’s a 360° area dotted in trees and open spaces for Parisians to sit and take in your repertoire.

Colonnade, Mariánské Láznĕ, Prague, Czech Republic

Then, there’s the Colonnade in the Czech spa town Mariánské Láznĕ.

Rich in space and pared-back vaulted arches, the building, with its closed roof and doorless entries, sits next to a fountain.

Which means, your brass band gets to practise and grow as a group in any weather but still benefit from your sounds being carried along the Mariánské streets.

Pine Walk Bandstand, Bournemouth, UK

And not to miss out on our own shores, there’s the Pine Walk Bandstand in Bournemouth which we can slot into one of our South East concert tours.

Sat in Grade II Listed Gardens, the outside venue is open during the summer months. And because your audience can only view from the front of the bandstand – you can give your undivided attention to them.

Plus, a lively set-list is recommended. Which means, the only thing brighter than the sun will be your performance.

Which is Your Perfect Venue?

There you have it – 11 venues around the world we think are perfect for your brass band.

With countless spaces in our catalogue, call us and we can chat about what ticks all the boxes for your top performance venue.

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