5 Tips and Tricks for your Disneyland® Paris Audition Video

Last updated: Sep 28th, 2023

Experience the Disney magic behind the scenes and begin a journey of performing at Disneyland® Paris! What an unforgettable experience for everyone. From dance shows, orchestras, choirs, or even taking part in the parade with your marching band, this is one performance you do not want to miss out on.

Part of performing at Disneyland® Paris is to submit an audition video for Disney to approve. So, here are Rayburn Tours tips and tricks to a successful audition video for Disneyland® Paris to judge on. Have you got what it takes?

DisDisneyland® Paris Castle with a background of blue ski and greenery

Tip 1- “A Whole New World©”- Perform your favourite Disney tunes.

You want to immerse your audience into the world of Disney. Everyone loves singing along to Disney songs, so if you’re a marching band during the parade, sneak in a bit of superhero tunes into your programme. Stage performances are likely to be a hit if there is Let it Go© or We don’t talk about Bruno© in there, the Disney audience will be belting out the words!

Tip 2- “Colours of the Wind©”- Limit your outside noise.

Disney want to hear your music, so try and limit the external noise on your video to avoid distraction. You want your performance to stand out!

Tip 3- “A Star is Born©”- Put on a show!

This is your opportunity to shine. Show Disney what you’re made of and present them a performance to remember. Give it all you’ve got! You want to make a good impression for your judges.

Tip 4- “Step in Time©”- Show them skills.

If you’re a marching band, create a video to show Disney how you parade while you are performing. The judges want to see how movement and music work within your performance.

Tip 5- “Hakuna Matata©”- Have fun!

It means no worries. Disney is all about smiling and the judges love every member to pull the biggest smile when they are performing. Although you’re not at Disney yet, make sure each musician has the cheesiest grin in your audition video. Treat this audition like you are performing for your Disney audience. Enjoy yourself!

“Tell everybody I’m on my way©”

All set for your audition for Disneyland® Paris? Have a chat with our friendly Tour Consultants about Disneyland® Paris and they will begin your Disney journey.

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