A stunning view of the streets Pompeii


Embark on a half day guided tour to learn about Roman life before the 79 AD eruption which showered Pompeii with ash, stones and pumice. Your guided tour will take you to the Forum, the Basilica and...
Viewing Iceland in VR

FlyView Paris

Using the latest virtual reality technology, FlyView allows you to discover Paris from a completely new perspective. Grab your VR jetpack and enter a new world, flying over your favourite attractions...

Ilis Hotel, Olympia

Hotel Tolo, Tolo

Best Western Candia Hotel, Athens

Hotel Villa Rosa, Via Giovanni Prati

Hotel Santa Costanza, Rome

Caracalla Baths

School Classics Trips to Rome

Explore one of the most ancient cities in Europe steeped in over 3,000 years of history, culture and architecture. Full of intrigue and drama, a visit to the Eternal City is an excellent way of...
Flavian Amphitheatre

School Classics Trips to the Bay of Naples

From the landing place of Aeneas in the north, to Pompeii in the south, a school classics trip to the Bay of Naples offers a range of interesting visits linked to Greek and Roman ancient history....
Valley of the Temples, Agrigento

School Classics Trips to Sicily

On a school classics trip to Sicily, students will gain a deeper understanding of Greek and Roman civilisation as they explore this stunning Mediterranean island steeped in history and culture. From...
Roman Forum

School Classics Trips to Rome & the Bay of Naples

A two-centre school classics trip to Rome and the Bay of Naples will bring classics to life for any student. Encompassing both the ancient city of Rome, with its 3,000 years of history, culture and...
Athens City Tour

School Classics Trips to Athens

As one of Europe‚Äôs oldest cities, with a history spanning 3,400 years, a school classics trip to Athens will open your students’ eyes to a fascinating ancient world. Known as the cradle of...