Food Technology

A stunning view of the streets Pompeii


Embark on a half day guided tour to learn about Roman life before the 79 AD eruption which showered Pompeii with ash, stones and pumice. Your guided tour will take you to the Forum, the Basilica and...
Viewing Iceland in VR

FlyView Paris

Using the latest virtual reality technology, FlyView allows you to discover Paris from a completely new perspective. Grab your VR jetpack and enter a new world, flying over your favourite attractions...

Hotel Roma Reial, Plaza Real

Alberg Pere Tarres, Les Corts


School Food Technology Trips to Barcelona

Explore the culinary traditions of Barcelona, where the food is as tasty as the culture is vibrant. Venture into the heart of Catalan’s capital and explore the colourful markets, where a paradise...
Authentic Sorrento Limonoro

School Food Technology Trips to The Bay of Naples

When it comes to food, the Italians pretty much take the crown with their down-to-earth dishes and indulgent creations. Boasting a cuisine that’s both rustic and refined, the Bay of Naples is the...

Barcelona Sport Hostel, Gracia

Viewing Iceland in VR

FlyOver Iceland

Using state-of-the-art technology, experience Iceland like you’ve never seen before. With your feet suspended in front of a 20-metre spherical screen, feel the sensation of flight as you journey...

Hotel la Ripetta

Hotel Klein Wien


Take a guided tour of the Cava wine cellars and meet the makers of the famous Freixenet Cava. You’ll discover the history of Freixenet, a family-owned business based in centuries of wine-making...

Flamenco Show

Enjoy a taste of traditional Spain with a fiery flamenco show! Full of music, passion and ruffles, you’ll spend an evening of entertainment watching professional dancers strut their stuff.