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School Ski Trips

Zoom or Teams face to face meetings – we’ve got it covered!

Meeting teachers and parents in school, attending tour launch evenings and re-assuring Head Teachers face to face has always been a vital part of what we do. And then in 2020 we had to hit pause. The...
Sauze d'Oulx

Why we’ll see unprecedented demand for ski trips in 2022

The pandemic has thrown a whole load of challenges at both the education sector and the travel industry; plans to travel internationally with schools regrettably had to be put on hold due to the...

Prep & Junior School Ski Trips

Hoodies & Polo Shirts

Now you’ve booked your tour, it’s time to look the part! Tour clothing is a great way to stand out from the crowd and keep as a memento of your time away. Whether you’re looking for sports kits...

School Ski Trip Special Offers

Due to unprecedented demand for school ski trips, we don’t currently have any last minute offers. However, our team are ready and waiting to work with your budget to plan the perfect school ski...

Set Departures & Small Groups

School Ski Trips Search

SCO & ASCL Qualifications

mental health

Top 5 things to encourage a positive mental health

Take a look at the top 5 things we suggest to boost positivity… 1. Practice mindfulness Ignore the past and future – focus on your current state of mind, your thoughts and your feelings. Take...

Tour Managers

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Ski & City Stopovers

Ski and city stay Swap your skis for your shoes and spend a day or two soaking up the sights of a thriving city! Whether you choose the bright lights of New York or the bohemian vibes of San...