Sporting Fixtures

How we arrange your fixtures

  • Two footballers compete for the ball

Team Checklist:

  • A team checklist will be sent to you shortly after booking – please return this as soon as possible.
  • This checklist is used to match your teams and the more information you can provide, the more likely it is that the fixture we will find will match your requirements.

Fixture organisation

  • Once you have booked your tour, we will immediately look to source fixtures. We will know the sports and number of fixtures from your initial enquiry, however, we will also need to know:
    i.  The ages of the players at the time of travel  ii. The ability of your teams
  • In Europe, school years run from January to December, so your team may have to play up a year (this is not usually possible for rugby teams, so please let us know about the make-up of your team as soon as possible).
  • If you have any over-age players or you have a mixed team then we must know about this!
  • Please note that we are often dealing with volunteers, so the confirmation of fixtures can take some time and depends on the good will of the people who are organising the other team and venue.
  • Clubs and schools already have a fixture schedule and they might need to wait and see what happens in cup competitions, as such confirmation of availability can come quite late.
  • Fixtures are usually released in September, so if you are touring in October, fixture confirmation will be dependent on the date of the fixture release.
  • With all this information, we will then do our best to match your team in ability and do so in good faith based on what you and the opposition team tell us.

Sport specifics

  • Rules for rugby are enforced in line with the RFU. Matches should not be scheduled for two consecutive days.
  • For rugby teams, permission to tour must also be sought from your national RFU. It is the responsibility of the party leader to do this.
  • Equipment – you may have to bring your own equipment, however we will include one sport kit bag as standard in your quotation. Please talk to your Tour Co-ordinator if you need more!
  • In many countries sport is not played in school, but rather as an extra-curricular activity in the local sports club, therefore you are likely to play clubs rather than schools.
  • More than one team? We can’t guarantee that matches will be at the same venue or at the same time, but dependent on transportation availability, we will do our best to fit all fixtures into your itinerary.
Girl basketball players compete for the ball in an inside court
Girl rugby players chase the player holding the ball