Hoodies and Polo Shirts

Hoodies and Polo Shirts

Why go elsewhere when Rayburn Tours can provide you with personalised hoodies and polo shirts for your trip from just £18.45pp?

Hoodies and polo shirts are a fantastic memento for your students to take away from their trip and act as a great keepsake for years to come. From the teacher’s point of view, they provide a practical method of identifying your group from afar, whether you’re in an airport, on a ferry or out in the town; providing an unofficial uniform.

Working with the UK’s number one provider we will help you design your own hoodie or polo shirt.

Choose your desired colour

There are 20 hoodie colours to choose from and 15 options for a polo shirt. Choose a colour that reflects your school uniform or go for something that will help you stand out from the crowd.


Included as standard, your school logo will be embroidered on the left breast pocket plus any text you wish to appear above or below the logo, such as Italy 2017.



You can choose from one of our design templates which include outlines of the year or country of travel which can be filled in with everyone’s name on the trip.

Personalised nicknames

Make your garments unique by opting for students to have their individual names printed above their chosen design.

Price Guideline 

Number of

Standard polo

Standard hoodie

Personalised name
(optional extra)

Under 50 pieces




50 pieces or more




How does it work?

Step 1: You provide us with your design options including:

  • A pdf of the logo to appear on the left breast pocket
  • Your choice of rear design template plus any accompanying wording

Step 2: Rayburn Tours will then provide you with a personalised poster to promote the hoodies or polos and an order form to collate information regarding sizes, colour requests and any personalised names from your group. We can provide you with size samples for a parents’ evening or fitting session.

Step 3: A completed order form should be sent to your Tour Co-ordinator.

Step 4: The order is then processed and after signing off an artwork proof, the garments will be printed before being sent by courier to the school address.

Get Started

Contact a member of our team to find out more about organising trip hoodies or polo shirts for your group.