What Teachers & Students have to say about Iceland!

Last updated: Aug 24th, 2022

We know the importance of honest feedback, and after an extended break from travel (for obvious reasons), we decided to not only survey teachers, but also ask the students. We surveyed our long-awaited February half term Geography trips to Iceland, where teachers and students gave us priceless feedback which was both informative and magical!

We surveyed both teachers and students to give you an accurate picture of what to expect.

100% of…


felt the trip gave them a better understanding of their subject in the classroom.


said their pupils thrived in this outdoor setting.


of teachers said the trip had improved teacher/pupil relationships.

What the teachers said…

Teacher Questionnaire


How important do you think the trip has been to students given the pandemic?

“Very. There has been a lot of lost learning and a loss of confidence during the pandemic where pupils have struggled with their mental health. This has been a fantastic opportunity to leave their pandemic bubble, experiencing something new and amazing.”


What would you say to another teacher thinking about planning a trip to Iceland?

“It’s an incredible opportunity, students loved it and they learned so much thanks to Ian, the Field Study Tutor who was incredible! It was scary and challenging, but we asked Rayburn Tours for help so don’t lose faith because it is incredibly worthwhile.”
“Rayburn was really helpful and gave us the confidence to do it safely, and if we can do it in this climate, you can too!”
“Choose Iceland, choose Rayburn.”


What was your best experience?


“All of it – too amazing to put one place!”

“There are too many wonders to pick one, standing under the secret waterfall, swimming in a thermal pool, looking out onto the edge of a glacier!”

“Gullfoss – incredible.”

“Can’t pin it down! Iceland is a wonderful place.”

What the students said…

Here it is. The unfiltered, funny and heart-warming feedback from the students who attended our half term Geography trips to Iceland. Deciding to ask for feedback from both teachers and students after such an extended break from international travel uncovered some stark contrasts.

On one hand we had the ensuing hilarity of our Field Study Tutor Ian’s impeccable knowledge of toilet locations. On the other we had the sobering reality of the effects of climate change, clearly visible in the landscape of Iceland’s glaciers.

Student Questionnaire


What will you remember about your Field Study Tutor Ian?

He was funny and compelling, especially with his top-class toilet reviews.


What do you want to say to your teacher, who organised this trip?

Thank you so much! It was the best trip and holiday I’ve been on. I loved learning about new things and seeing breath-taking scenery.


The most amazing thing you saw on the trip?

The glacier was like something you see in movies, and it was breathtaking. If we revisit, it sadly won’t be the same ever again.


What will you remember about your Field Study Tutor, Cath?

She is very informative and kind. Her storytelling made me laugh and made the explanations engaging. She was also very passionate about the country and places we visited, which meant we learned more.

Our Field Study Tutors Play an Integral Role

Our incredibly experienced FSTs (Field Study Tutors) play such an important role in a successful and engaging geography tour. The knowledge, passion, and experience they have helped bring stories and landscapes to life. Engaging your students in a friendly, fun, and inclusive environment makes learning easy. Here’s what the students had to say about our long-standing FST Ian.

What will you remember most about Ian your Tutor on this trip?

Top 3 Experiences…


From Gulfoss to Skagafoss and everything inbetween. Iceland has some of the the most beautiful waterfalls in the world waiting to be enjoyed.


About 11% of Iceland is covered in glaciers. They have 269 names glaciers so you can take your pick!

The Secret Lagoon

The not so secret, Secret Lagoon, known locally as Gamla Laugin, is the oldest swimming pool in Iceland.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity, Iceland is such a stunning place and I’m glad I got to see it.

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