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The Eden Project in Cornwall

What Makes Visiting the Eden Project on a School Trip so Good?

For education on geography, sustainability and much more, we asked what makes visiting the Eden Project on a school trip so good?

Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice

There's all types of volcanoes and glaciers responsible for this amazing landscape's affectionate nickname. And you can unearth the details here.
8 Infamous Eruptions in Iceland Blog cover

Discover 8 Of The Most Infamous Icelandic Eruptions

From outbursts that grounded European travel to eruptions dropping the overall global temperature - your blog takes a look at the fire from the land of fire and ice.
A view from a glacier in Iceland

The Most Popular Places to Visit Whilst on an Iceland School Trip

Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle Tour or the iconic Northern Lights are just waiting for you in the land of fire and ice. There's more for you here too.

Everything you need to know about the Northern Lights in Iceland!

There’s no doubt about it, when on the hunt for the northern lights, Iceland is a top pick! In 2017, 2018 and 2019, over 2 million people were visiting Iceland every year, many of whom were hoping...
Ice Tunnel at Perlan Museum, Iceland

Perlan, Voted ‘Best of the Best’ for 2022

Perlan is a world-class exploratorium where you learn all about Icelandic nature. Scientific wonders come alive all around visitors; northern lights, glaciers, volcanoes, ocean-life, seabirds, and so...

What Teachers & Students have to say about Iceland!

We know the importance of honest feedback, and after an extended break from travel (for obvious reasons), we decided to not only survey teachers, but also ask the students. We surveyed our...
Students on tour

How can a school trip help your students to think like a Geographer?

Geographical issues are wide ranging, important and complex. Geography should promote an awareness, interest and understanding of the world’s people and places, helping students understand the...

Oh Iceland, how we’ve missed you!

We were thrilled to get school groups back out to Iceland this February Half Term, and it seems the excitement was shared by teachers, students and our Field Study Tutors too, Cath Rule, Geography...

It was like my first time all over again – the earth moved!

Ian Geddes, Geography Field Study tutor of over 20 years describes how after a forced pandemic break of not travelling to Iceland, the earth quite literally moved for him after returning with a...

“Fagradalsfjalla here I come!”

  “I was so filled with excitement I could barely sit still on the flight to Iceland. I was on my way to fulfil a dream, to witness an erupting volcano with my own eyes. The sky was clear...

What is it about Volcanos?

  “Getting as close as possible to flowing lava has long been on my bucket list. So naturally, when my volcano app (yes there is such a thing) showed an activity alert for Iceland’s...