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Super Jeep Adventure traversing the Iceland landscape

Jumping in a Super Jeep – A New Voyage of Discovery Across the Landscape of Iceland…

Unearth the pure excitement of Iceland's stunning landscape with the Super Jeep Adventure - not to be missed!

8 fascinating facts about Raufarholshellir Lava Tunnel

From teardrops protected by law to the "sight" of true dark, discover these 8 facts about the Raufarholshellir lava tunnel in Iceland.
Val Vannet, Field Study Tutor for Rayburn Tours, speaks with a student at a glacier.

Field Study Tutor, Friend and Fantastic Addition to Any Geography Tour

Teachers, geographers, storytellers - they know the land, how to engage students, and are stuffed with geographic knowledge!
Students engage with an exhibit in the Lava Centre in Iceland

Stepping Inside the Lava Centre, Iceland…

Outstandingly modern and incredibly interactive, immerse yourself in this magma-fuelled, educational complex.

Meet The Incredible Cath Rule!

Find out about the background of our incredible Geography Development Manager and Field Study Tutor Cath Rule!

The Odds And Ends Of Iceland

It's time to discover the hidden secrets of Iceland! Find out more about the traditions, myths, and quirky stories of this beautiful one of a kind destination.
Air shot of the undualting hills and jutting coastline of the Azores

Unique, Untouched, Ancient: Discover the Azores & Their Stunning Geography

Epic geography, gorgeous visuals and enticing mystery await on the islands sitting pretty in the Atlantic.

Morocco: A Night in the Sahara Desert

Explore what Morocco has to offer with an unforgettable night in the Sahara desert camping under the stars.
Blue hydrangeas in foreground with Lagoa Azul & Verde in background

Azores Galore! 12 Excursions Eons in the Making

Bursting with natural beauty and packed with things to see and do, here's 12 of the best excursions to discover in this dishy archipelago.
Lagoa do Fogo on the Azorean island of Sao Miguel, on a clear, bright day, surrounding by lush green vegetation.

The Faces of Sao Miguel: A Geographic Gift

The largest of the 9 Azorean islands, discover an absolute hotbed of geography, activity and spectacular vistas...
Sete Cidades caldera showcasing Lagoa Azul & Lagoa Verde

Sao Miguel’s Sete Cidades: Cataclysmic Forces Creating Beauty

Explore undeniable beauty and geographic education at this breath-taking Azorean stand out.
School group on Sólheimajökull glacier with a mountain backdrop.

Sólheimajökull Glacier Hike: An unbeatable experience!

Stepping foot on to an existing glacier, see geography before your eyes and a real life case study that you will not want to miss!