Free Classroom Resource : UK Extreme Weather (Syllabus Based)

From intense heat waves to flash flooding, tropical storms to cold snaps, extreme weather has continually been in the news the past few years. With the UK Extreme Weather playing such a key part in...

Free Classroom Resource : 2018 The Year of Dangerous Weather

From snow in the Sahara to typhoons in Japan, 2018 saw some of the worst cases of extreme weather throughout the world.

How to choose the perfect Geography Tour Destination

How do you choose the perfect Geography Tour destination? Everyone has their own motivation; experience, personal desire, price, student input. But it’s you who picks where’s next on your...

Important information on Brexit

Paula Kitching’s new book – Britain’s Jews in the First World War

Historian, writer and battlefield guide for Rayburn Tours, Paula Kitching, has released a new book called Britain’s Jews in the First World War. Paula tells us why it’s so important to tell the...

Selfie or selfish? Our stance on animal welfare

Travel is an extraordinary thing. It opens up a world of new places to discover, different cultures to experience and interesting food to try. And part of travelling is getting up close to wildlife,...

Barcelona in action – an itinerary in a nutshell

At Rayburn Tours, we live to create the ultimate trip. An experience to remember. One that will enhance your students’ understanding of the world around them, support their learning and leave them...

Berlin in action – an itinerary in a nutshell

Iceland in action – an itinerary in a nutshell

Who to follow on social media in 2019 – Education

The abyss of social media, where do you begin? You create your profile, chose your most flattering profile picture and write a little something about yourself…you’re in! Now you’ve got to...

Say cheese! Rayburn Tours photo competition winner announced

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