Llanishen High School pose on the viewpoint with Sete Cidades behind them on a Geography Tour with Rayburn Tours.

“They’ll Remember This Forever” Llanishen High School’s Epic Azores Geography Tour

From ancient volcanoes to geothermal wonders, we got the scoop on an incredible Azorean adventure!
Students on a School Language Trip with Rayburn Tours visit the gardens of Real Alcazar.

How a School Language Trip Strengthens Linguistic Skills in Just 24 Hours

From breakfast to bed-time, our tours boost linguistic abilities like classroom learning never could.
A split photo of Broadway in New York on the left and Capitol Hill in Washington DC on the right.

Step into the American Story with Washington DC & New York

Let your students experience an immersive experience in these two iconic cities.
Taormina ruins in the foreground with Mount Etna, Taormina and Sicily in the background.

A Sicilian Stunner – 11 Incredible Excursions That Need to Be Experienced!

Mount Etna and Taormina are just two unforgettable places in this beautifully educational isle. You won't be surprised to learn there's even more...
Mount Etna smokes in the background with green fields and houses unfolding beneath it.

Mount Etna – the Roaring Ancient of Sicily

Europe's most active volcano is a blockbuster with geographic education and discovery packed into very patch of ground...
Lave Show with logo and someone pouring the lava

Let’s talk Lava! An Interview With The Co-Founder Of The Lava Show

Take a look at what the Lava Show is all about with Co-Founder Ragnhildur Ágústsdóttir

My family’s history living in Poland

Natalia Krzeslowska Educational School Trips Organiser, Rayburn Tours I feel both emotional and proud re-telling the stories of my family’s past. My grandmother grew up in central Poland, in the...

Why every young person should visit Auschwitz as part of their secondary school education.

For me, venturing over to Poland for the first time with 40 students from Stockport Grammar School, joining them for their History School Trip, was a life-changing experience full of reflection, that...
School group pose for a photo in front of a Christmas Tree in Krakow market square.

Top things to do on a school trip to Krakow…

Opening the doors to Kraków… In December 2023 the marketing team at Rayburn were welcomed by Stockport Grammar School to join their 4-day tour to Kraków. Our role was to piggyback their trip,...
Language Champion Eleanor Harvey posing in front of a moat and village.

Language Champion Spotlight: Eleanor Harvey ‘Language allows you to form that connection.’

Our 3rd Language Champion is Eleanor Harvey! Multi-lingual in French, Spanish and German, she thrives on building your epic tour!
Silvia Avvertenza, A Rayburn Tours Language Champion

Language Champion Spotlight: Silvia Avvertenza ‘The Closeness Comes from Speaking the Same Language…’

Stuffed with linguistic talent, our Language Champion Silva Avvertenza is one more vital cog to creating your unforgettable trip!
Super Jeep Adventure traversing the Iceland landscape

Jumping in a Super Jeep – A New Voyage of Discovery Across the Landscape of Iceland…

Unearth the pure excitement of Iceland's stunning landscape with the Super Jeep Adventure - not to be missed!