The extra member of your teaching team you didn’t know you needed!

Last updated: Sep 26th, 2022

It’s no great secret, but one of our most frequently heard top tips from other teachers is that getting your on-tour teaching team right is integral! Once you leave the school gates, you’ll be thankful for the support and input. Whilst we can’t give you another member of staff, per se, what we can offer is an addition to the team who, among so many other things, will take care of the teaching side of things while out in-the-field. Say “hello” to our Geography Field Study Tutors!

“Cath was a total legend! Interesting, friendly, fantastic company and as much of an Iceland ‘nutter’ as the rest of us!”

The Gregg School

What is a Field Study Tutor?

Every one of our Field Study Tutors has a background in geography teaching and touring and is on-hand to support you in delivering geographical input in-the-field. Your Field Study Tutor will be allocated to your group due to their in-depth knowledge of your chosen destination, allowing them to not only cover the geographical teaching element, but also introduce your group to the local cultures and customs along the way. And it doesn’t end there… a Field Study Tutor is part of the Rayburn team so they will have your itinerary to hand and will be able to assist with logistics on tour to ensure everything runs smoothly and you have a great tour.

Why should you opt for a Field Study Tutor on your next tour?

Whilst we could go on for days about why every group should take a Field Study Tutor on their next geography tour, as the saying goes, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. So, we’re going to share with you some feedback from teachers who travelled with a Field Study Tutor in 2022. And if that doesn’t convince you to ask our team about adding a Field Study Tutor to your next trip, then we’re not sure that anything will. Happy reading!

“Val was wonderful, and I cannot praise her highly enough or thank her enough. She was so knowledgeable about Iceland and the geographical/geological theory and fascinating to learn from. She had lots of tips and hints about where to go and what to do on all our visits and whilst some of the staff members had been before – we now have some of the best group photos because Val guided us. We were all constantly learning and absorbing her enthusiasm. Her waterfall trick will be used for years, amongst all the invaluable explanations.”

St Leonards School

“A big shout out to Guy who has impressed us with his extensive knowledge of Iceland and geography. He was excellent with the age group making us laugh on a daily basis with his stories and descriptions of our excursions. He encouraged questions and was also able to answer them and gave us plenty of food for thought too. He has both the personality and communication skills needed for this job, so he was certainly in his element and we all benefitted from his service. Thank you again and we hope he will be able to accompany us in our next Iceland trip too.”

The Royal Masonic School for Girls

“Graham was excellent. His knowledge on all aspects was first class, he was helpful beyond his tutor role and he was flexible in his approach whilst retaining the necessity to prevent undue risks to my students. He was also easy to converse with and had an engaging manner with both staff and students. Highly recommended!”

Guru Nanak Sikh Academy 

First step…

Have an idea where you want to go on your next trip. A good place to start is by having a look through some of our top picks for school geography trips on our Geography Tours Homepage.

Once you know where you’re headed, speak to one of our team about including a Field Study Tutor in your quote…trust us, you’ll be thankful you did!

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