Top tips for planning your 2022 Geography Trip

Last updated: Oct 6th, 2021

Whilst we had to hit pause for a while, it’s clear to see that the demand and desire from teachers to create these amazing experiences are higher than ever.


Get planning!

We know we keep saying it, but demand is higher than usual and, this year, teachers have started planning even earlier. We’re already seeing preferential flight routes and dates fill up, as well as accommodation availability becoming scarce in some of our more popular destinations in 2022. So, let’s get planning!


Don’t underestimate the uptake

It seems that teachers aren’t the only ones with an increased desire to embark on international school trips – students and parents are too. We’re seeing higher numbers travelling and quicker uptake for those places too. If you’ve previously struggled for uptake in your school, maybe now is the time to give it another go.


Many hands make light work!

We’ve always been on hand to offer all the help you need to get your trip off the ground and, over the last year, we have also hosted virtual parents’ evenings via zoom which have received extremely good feedback. We’ll always try to help, you just have to ask.


The more, the merrier?

Include other subjects Organising a cross-curricular trip is a great way to not only give more students the opportunity to travel but also to increase numbers and hopefully bring prices down.



If there has ever been a time to launch that dream geography trip, it’s now! Whether it’s your school’s first trip, a new trip destination, or that annual trip with a few added extras, make 2022 the year! We all deserve something to look forward to.



There’s no standard enquiry, there’s no standard package – everything we do is tailored to your requirements.

So, let’s start planning