Quirky things to do in Reykjavik on an Iceland School Trip

Last updated: Aug 3rd, 2022

Quirky things to do in Reykjavik and fun facts to share with students!

We’ve created this light-hearted list of fun and quirky things to do in Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik. You’ll also find a bunch of facts that are sure to keep students entertained while on any coach journey!

Eat Icelandic Hot Dogs

Eat Icelandic Hot Dogs

This simple food may not strike you as a delicacy, but the people of Iceland absolutely LOVE their hot dogs! A great snack that is served on the streets of Reykjavik and serves as a great option for a quick stop in between visits, for students to line their stomachs, while exploring this fascinating city!

Fact: The reason they’re so damn good is that Pigs and Cows are bred on small loving farms – and this love is certainly represented in the quality of the sausage! It’s a food lovers ‘must have’ when visiting Reykjavik!

As a rule of thumb, eating out in Reykjavik is expensive, but this beauty will only cost students a few pounds!

Reykjavik – Discover Street Art at its best!

For a city that enjoys very little daylight hours during the winter months, the street art scene and its many murals certainly brighten the landscape and continue to engage students who visit.

The people who live here are extremely proud of their art and they are keen to share it with as many people as possible! Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why schools often choose to run a cross curricular trip, with itineraries offering experiences for students of Geography, Art and Photography!

Fact: Locals who live in Iceland joke and often refer to Reykjavik as Greykjavik! It really is a great capital city, but the name is earned from its small number of daylight hours in winter. Just 3 hours a day!

Don’t tell students straight away – but there are no McDonalds in Iceland!

Shock, horror – how can this be?! Don’t fear there are other options such as Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken! For a quick visit and a photo opportunity for students to share on their social media channels, your group can see the last surviving Big Mac on display in the Bus Hostel in Reykjavik.

Fact: It’s been on display for over 10 years and is still showing no sign of decay!

From one school to another – it’s time to attend Elf School!

The founder of this unique attraction, Magnus Skarphedinsson, has spent decades studying these mythical magical people! Students visiting the Elf School will learn everything there is to know about Elves and hidden people! It’s certainly a talking point for groups that visit here!

Fact: The school talks about the fact that there are 13 kinds of elf, two varieties of troll, 3 fairy species and four types of Gnome. A great experience in Reykjavik, perfect for any school trip!

Interesting souvenirs to take home? Why not emulate the Icelandic game of Thrones scenes!

This is a souvenir that will capture students time away with their friends on their Iceland School trips! Photographic studios offer groups the opportunity to get kitted out in costumes that are in the same style of their favourite characters from the Game Of Thrones! For a couple of hours your group will look and feel like Vikings, with weapons and chain mail helping to bring the whole experience to life!

Fact: We’re sure Mum and Dad will appreciate a gift like this rather than a tacky snow globe and it’s a great for students to capture memories for life.

Punk Rock – This is as cool as it gets in Reykjavik!

Students love the cool nature of this museum of punk rock that is housed in an Icelandic underground public restroom!

The surroundings help bring the nature of this style of music and its long history to life!

Photo opportunities here are ‘gritty’ and cool – representative of this brilliant musical era!

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