Top takeaways from our first concert tours webinar

Last updated: Nov 2nd, 2022

In 2021, we ran our very first Concert Tours Webinar which proved to be a resounding success, with all those in attendance leaving with a bunch of invaluable tips and takeaways from our panel of seasoned tourers.

Here we share just some of the highlights…

Mary Bourne, Singing It Back!

“A woman who is able to build a connection in any room!”

  • Adult
  • Non-auditioned choir
  • Mixed Group
  • Light repertoire from pop music to musical theatre

What she said…

  • When touring with adults you need to take a strong lead. Leave no room for debate!
  • Assess your group carefully – what type of trip and duration will best suit their lifestyle?
  • Don’t be scared to bring two choirs together to tour – it’s an enlightening experience and for me it’s worked brilliantly! It brings the best out in both groups!

See a snippet of what she had to say during the concert tours webinar…

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Ian Blenkinsop, City of Bristol Choir

Choir member and meticulous volunteer tour organiser

  • Adult
  • Auditioned choir
  • Mixed Group
  • Sacred repertoire performed with organ accompaniment

What he said…

  • Preparation is key. An inspection trip plays a vital role in achieving exacting standards and timings of itineraries. It means you can be confident that the acoustics of venues will complement your group’s repertoire.
  • Touring on a biannual basis, we’ve built a unique relationship with the Concert Tours team at Rayburn, where two-way dialogue and sharing of ideas is vital. I trust them implicitly to know our tours inside out and plan performances that will work impeccably for our group. This continuity of knowledge is vital when working in partnership with a concert tour organiser.
  • Due to the extremely high standards we set, our tours are often referred to as ‘work with a bit of a holiday’ but I would challenge that observation as the reality is we perform, we bond, we work hard and play hard! That is what a concert tour should always be about!

See a snippet of what he had to say during the concert tours webinar…

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Jason Andrews, Rednock School

Head of Music, with a passion and commitment to touring spanning some 20 years

  • Youth Orchestra and Swing Band
  • Combined school and community ensembles
  • Providing performance opportunities for all
  • Mixed repertoire from classical to pop music

What he said…

  • Combining school and community ensembles provides more inclusive travel and performance opportunities for young people.
  • If travelling with a school group, I advise teachers to travel in school holidays. There are no issues with teacher cover and you get the choice of staff to travel and support you on tour. Having the right personnel on tour to support you is everything.
  • If you instil a programme of bi-annual concert tours in your school, you quickly find it is one of the main reasons why parents choose to send their child to your school.

See a snippet of what he had to say during the concert tours webinar…

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Melanie Stapleton, Tapton Youth Brass Band

Tour Organiser, who inspires others when talking about her band’s monumental fundraising efforts…

  • Youth Brass Band
  • Community band
  • Providing performance opportunities for all
  • Traditional repertoire

What she said…

  • She’s been arranging tours in partnership with Rayburn Tours for more than 20 years. She speaks openly about the immense responsibility of travelling with young people, but also how every year the rewards and memories continue to grow.
  • She advises others to work with parents and students to make the experience play a much wider role in their development as a young person and performer. She sets in place a massive fundraising programme that helps subsidise each child’s place on tour. They feel like they’ve earned it!
  • If your group gain a reputation as a regular touring ensemble, you often find you are over subscribed year after year. This certainly been the case for us, and consequently we have no issues with recruitment of members!

See a snippet of what she had to say during the concert tours webinar…

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Feeling intrigued and want to delve deeper?

The concert tours webinar was recorded and is available to watch on you tube. Sit back, relax, learn and enjoy!


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Are you ready to go ‘above and beyond’?

Seeing performers grow in confidence, experience new places, have “a lightbulb moment” and fall in love with performing right before your eyes, makes every minute of planning worthwhile.


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