How to choose the right destination for your next concert tour?

Last updated: May 2nd, 2023

Following the success of our first concert tours webinar, we asked delegates for feedback around what future topics they would like to see us cover off via webinars and blog content. Without a shadow of a doubt, there was a burning question that kept popping up: how do you go about choosing the right destination for your next concert tour?

Our instant answer would be to say, ‘Speak to one of our concert tours specialists, they’ll guide you every step of the way,” but if you want to understand more about the factors that need to be considered when planning a concert tour and choosing the right destination for your group, then this is the read for you…


We may as well get straight to the point. Budget will certainly play a big part in the destinations you will have access to. Really think carefully about your ensemble, you want as many members as possible to join you on tour. Make sure you have carried out a careful assessment of your group to propose a sensible budget per person.


Top Tip

If you’re up for it, planning a series of fundraising initiatives can help top up the budget and for youth groups it can make them feel like they’ve earned their place on tour!

Tour vibe

Most adult groups choose to stay in bustling central city centre locations so they can independently venture out for drinks and dinner in the evenings, whereas in contrast, youth groups will often seek somewhere with a pool, games rooms and access to lots of fun excursions, perhaps in a more rural location.

Repertoire style

Certain destinations open up greater performance opportunities for a specific style of repertoire. This is one that we advise you checking out on our website where all venues showcased detail the recommended repertoire styles. The next step would be then to jump on a call with one of our specialist concert tour consultants who have a wealth of experience in matching your style of music with the right destinations.


Fancy rehearsals back at your accommodation?

If you are going to need a few final rehearsal sessions to really hone your tour repertoire, then do speak to us about this! Some accommodation centres that are extremely well set up for this, and some hotels welcome impromptu performances for their guests!

Demographic/make up of your members

Considering the difference between a choir with many retired members versus a choir made up of those with young children will play a big part in how long performers can be away from home and the kind of base you want for your group.  Those with young children would require family support to travel away from home so a shorter duration tour may be more favourable. On the flip side, a bunch of retired singers may opt to take their partners with them for the journey, and enjoy a more leisurely tour

Transporting instruments

If you have an instrumental ensemble, particularly with a number of larger instruments, then speaking to a member of our team at the earliest opportunity is a necessity. Some destinations will likely suit you better! Whether transporting equipment on the coach with you flying with instruments or hiring instruments in location it’s a logistical task that needs careful assessment and planning.

Time of year

The time of year you wish to travel will without a doubt have a bearing on things. If it’s school holidays you need, and you’re travelling with a youth ensemble, we can look into youth hostel style accommodation to keep costs down. Likewise if outdoor performances on bustling bandstands are what you crave we’ll only be recommending travel in months when there’s a good chance of missing the rain!

Accompanying your singing group

Some destinations have excellent church organs, whereas others can offer a challenge for a travelling organist! Whether you sing with organ or piano accompaniment, use backing tracks, or sing a cappella programme – we’ll recommend destinations accordingly.

Are you ready to go ‘above and beyond’?

Seeing performers grow in confidence, experience new places, have “a lightbulb moment” and fall in love with performing right before your eyes, makes every minute of planning worthwhile.


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