11 Reasons Why Santa Caterina is Your Ultimate School Ski Destination

Last updated: Mar 15th, 2023

Looking for an Italian ski gem with wide slopes, quiet sides, friendly schools, authentic service and is also home to the World Championship Deborah Compagnoni piste? Then look no further as here are 11 reasons why Santa Caterina is your ultimate school ski destination.

Read on.

Wide Slopes for Every Skill Level

If your group’s ability ranges from beginner to advanced skiers, then Santa Caterina has you covered.




Because there’s 35 km of ski area with a 1000m vertical drop which includes 2 blue, 12 red and a couple of black runs to keep your group entertained.


Plus, there’s a four-seater chairlift and 8 berth gondola which are part of 10 easy to access lifts, which means you get a view of the awesome scenery.


Speaking of great views…

View of wide slopes on Santa Caterina on a Rayburn Tours ski trip

Quieter Sides with Awesome Views

Much like Tarviso and Madesimo (which we organise ski trips to as well!), the relative quieter nature of Santa Caterina means more space, less waiting times and more chance of getting to the front of the hot chocolate queue.


Also, it’ll be easier to keep a track of your group as less people mean clearer lines of sight. And not to forget, the ski resort is placed inside the lush Stelvio National Park.


So, there’s awesome views too. 

View of snow covered trails on a Rayburn Tours ski trip to Santa Caterina

Watch Your Students Grow

To add to those calmer slopes is the chance for your students to make strides in their skiing growth. How?


Because of the wider, quieter trails, it gives you and your group a more focused space to learn.


And when you factor in the friendly ski schools (more on them later), you know there’s ample room to brush up on your skills.

Students pose in the village of Santa Caterina on a Rayburn Tours ski trip

Slalom at the Deborah Compagnoni Piste

And then there’s the 2005 World Championship piste named after 3-time gold Olympian Deborah Compagnoni – who was born in nearby Bormio and is one of the most successful Alpine skiers of all time.


You get to revel in the excitement of skiing a downhill edge named after a World Champion. Although, reflecting the namesake’s ability, this is a challenging side recommended for red to black ski levels.

Step Up with Ski Schools Run by the Locals

Away from the chock-full resorts of France, Canada, or Switzerland, ski schools in Santa Caterina Valfurva go above and beyond.


They deliver on the A-Z of skiing, speak English and are big on instructors who have grown up on Mount Sobretta. So, you’ll get skill boosts and an intimate know-how of how to navigate the Valfurva trails.

Ski instructors in a class overlooking mountain peaks

The Personal Touch (and Hot Chocolate Goodness!)

Italians are famed the world over for their hospitality – and this is no different in Santa Caterina!


We have times where local cafés have delivered 40 cups of hot chocolate at a moment’s notice and where the local ski instructor drove a whole classes’ footwear from hotel to slope side.


And they’re just two stand-out moments from recent visits with our tour reps, who are there with you on your tour to make sure it runs as it should. 

Santa Caterina village, with mountains in the background, on a Rayburn Tours ski trip

Sleigh Your Heart Out

And when you’re all skied out, why not pack your day with sleighing?


One of the more popular activities for students away from the usual snow sports of skiing and snowboarding, we can slot sleighing into your itinerary.


It’s fun, memory-inducing and your students will forever thank you for the time they sleighed down a mountain.

Two children, one in red and the other in a blue coat, sleigh together

No Need to Feel Overwhelmed

Next, to stop you and your ski group being taken in loads of directions by a massive ski area, such as the 100km of Bardonecchia or 400km of Sauze d’Oulx, Caterina’s 35km gives students a reassuring feel.


Also, a relative petit number of pistes means you won’t feel overwhelmed or rushed to try and ski it all.


And this means you can appreciate the slopes of Santa Caterina and be back in time for lunch.

Skiers mill round a lodge at the bottom of the slopes

Bus Your Way to Bormio

To add even more to your down-time diary, you can bus your way to nearby Bormio.


With a town centre relatively bigger than the cosy Santa Caterina, you’ll have a good amount of time to shop or if you’ve asked for it at booking, take part in thermal spas and ice skating.


And not to forget, this Lombardy town is a ski destination in its own right, with awesome hotels to boot. So, we can slot it into your itinerary as well.

Coach trip to Bormio on a Rayburn Tours ski trip

North-facing, Snow-Sure & Relatively High

Caterinian slopes face north too, which means they see less direct sun exposure. Also, snowfall chances are improved due to the Italian villages 1,730 elevation, which lends to colder conditions.


But, if the sun does decide to hammer the white stuff or there’s a freak year of less than average fall, all pistes in Santa Caterina are equipped with snow-making capabilities.


Also, when you crest the Valle dell’Alpe summit, you’ll experience the ‘Sunny Slope’ – which is south facing and more inclined to direct daylight.


So, you’ll feel the warmth of the south sun as you ready yourself for an inviting north-facing edge.

Classic Alpine Feel (with a Hollywood-esk Sign to Boot!)

Last, where would a skiing experience be without the classic Italian Alpine feel?


There’s a rustic charm to the buildings, with most appearing in traditional cosy wood. Then, there’s the power of countless peaks with white dusted pine trees everywhere you look.


Plus, Santa Caterina even has its own hill-top sign, which adds to the cosy feel.


And that feel is embodied in 3 Signori, the piste side hotel with a swimming pool, wellness centre and in-house pizza restaurant we can base your trip from.

Yellow alpine building in the right back, pine trees & mountain back left with skiers eating together

Your Next School Ski Trip?

There you are – 11 reasons why Santa Caterina is your ultimate school ski destination!

Want to know even more? Then call us or get in touch via the button below, so we can start talking about your next school ski trip.


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