6 Advantages of Skiing in December

Last updated: Mar 15th, 2023

Is December skiing worthwhile? Or what are the benefits of skiing at Christmas time? Solid questions you may have asked as you start to look for a school trip during the twelfth month. So, to help you out, here’s 6 advantages of skiing in December.

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a scene covered in snow is 1 of 6 Advantages of Skiing in December

All the Snow

Generally, December can see up to a month of fresh snow in ski areas – especially if you choose a north facing space with good elevation.

Also, as the twelfth month is the start of most ski seasons, you’re likely to see an untouched surface of packed powder. On the other hand, if there’s an unexpected year of less than average fall, places like Vallnord and Grandvalira in Andorra use up to 1300 snow cannons to give that ground a good dusting.

Therefore, when you hit the slopes for your Christmas ski, you can start with loads of blank canvas trails.

A handful of skiers, with a log cabin to the left and calmer slopes is 1 of 6 Advantages of Skiing in December

Early Season Calm

Early season skiing can mean quieter slopes, cheaper options and smaller queues when using your lift pass. To add, because you’re early and outside of school holidays you may also benefit from a cheaper overall cost (more on that later).

Which means, whether you and your school group are beginner, intermediate or advanced skiers, your class will experience a more tranquil ski adventure in a resort giving you Winter Wonderland vibes, much like Santa Caterina in Italy.

A lone skier in a snow covered scene

Fewer Crowds

As the season is starting to kick into gear, they’ll be less people busying the slopes.

You’ll get bigger chances to improve your skill set and watch over your students skiing growth as well!

Also, they’ll be fewer people blocking your eyesight, so it will be easier to look after your class.

Plus, fewer people sees an improved chance of booking quality places like Chalet La Tarine in Les Arcs, Hotel Capitani in Bormio and 3 Signori in Santa Caterina.

A happy crowd pose as 1 of 6 Advantages of Skiing in December is it might be healthier for your pockets

Might Be Healthier for Your Pockets

If you choose the early weeks of December to ski, you might feel the benefit of cheaper rates too.

Because of the early season calm across most ski areas and that half-term ski in February is the time generally most skiers choose – your costs might reflect that.

And if you go outside of the school X-mas holidays, you might further boost helping the people paying the bills when you can give them a lower overall cost.

So, to make your tour a little easier at a time of year connected with unusual spending, give us a call by clicking here.

More Family Friendly

And what could be more festive than a ski area alive with families?

Due to holidays being cheaper, calmer ski resorts and that it’s Christmas on the 25th – December is a ton of fun for families!

There’s less chance of lone, hardcore skiers and a bigger shot of feel-good family interaction. Which just adds extra sparkle to your school ski trip.

A Christmas Tree in a snow covered village centre.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like… Christmas!

There’s a little celebration every 25th December you can take part in too!

And whilst you may not want to be there on Christmas Day, the run-in is usually a great way to give you that festive feeling.

You’ll see ski resorts like Bormio dressed up in lights, tinsel, wreaths and – of course – the iconic Christmas tree! Or it may be skiing instructors draped in elves and Santa costumes.

Whichever it is, most ski areas tend to have:

  • Après ski parties
  • Traditional Christmas dinners
  • Special holiday-themed events
  • And an all-round festive atmosphere! 

 Which means your tour will always be known as the ultimate festive ski trip!

Ready for Skiing In December?

And there you have it – 6 advantages of skiing in December!

Plus, we’ve been planning your smooth ski trips throughout December for over 55 years, with awesome places like Italy, France and Andorra three of our favourites.

So, if you’re feeling festive for a school ski trip this Christmas time, call or email us and we can start planning your next festive ski experience.

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